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Mothman---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is so much to say about Mothman, that it must have it's own blog segment.
This harborger of doom is a baleful being that is described as standing 6'-7' tall, with immense wings, a large and extremely muscular build and deep fiery red, glowing eyes, that take up the majority of it's face.
The eyes of Mothman have actually frozen witnesses in their tracks, ...rooted them into such a deep state of fear that they were unable to move another step. In some instances, they literally passed out on the spot!

Though seen all over the world, through our recorded history, including ancient cave paintings-----the most famous sightings took place over the entire town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Mothman's interaction with the townsfolk was both horrifying and consistent,................ lasting over a year, from 1966--1967, incredible period of time for a cryptid to hang around a singular location.
The frightening and perplexing West Virginia events were personally witnessed by at least 100 people!
The local police station was inundated with extremely upset and in some cases hysterical, towns people calling in, to make their reports about Mothman. The calls to the authorities were so constant, that the National Guard was summoned to search for the terrifying creature and the State Police patrolled the reported hot spots on a regular basis.
The townsfolk, filled with nervous energy and the need to protect themselves, gathered together in groups, took up flashlights and in some instances weapons and hesitantly searched the area each night.
After seeing the mysterious creature, many witnesses went into a state of shock and had to be hospitalized!
Other injuries that have been associated with Mothman include,, watering, swollen eyes and the appearance of deep, dark burns on the skin.
Sightings of this large, ominous, winged creature, are said to precede a disaster,..... and his appearance is usually accompanied by some or all of the following..............................
Electrical disturbances in homes and vehicles, poltergeist activity, UFO sightings.. (the type of craft most often seen around this time was described as cigar shaped), disembodied voices, and last but not least, Men in Black sniffing around the affected area.
The Men in Black arrived in Point Pleasant where they proceeded to quietly stalk around and terrify the people of the town. Witness after witness speak of being approached by the shadowy men and being told in a dire way to,... "STOP SPEAKING OUT ON THE CREATURE KNOWN AS MOTHMAN."
The reporter for the local paper was named Mary Hyre and she was covering the activity as it took place,..complete with police reports, witness interviews, National Guard and State Police activity. Mary relayed to her friends and family she was afraid for her very life, after repeated visits from the peculiar MIB. Mary said, " They seem to come visit me quite a bit." She also relayed to her loved ones this extremely spooky statement,
" They don't blink their eyes." Every meeting that took place between the MIB and Mary, was about Mothman, and their desire for her to stop writing about it.
The steadfast reporter refused to be intimidated and continued with covering the story, that is,....... until she died of a sudden and mysterious heart attack at 54 years old!
Keith Aeiker , whose wife was a direct witness of Mothman, speaks of Connie's run in with the MIB, during this phenomenal period of time.
In a calm and soft spoken voice, Keith tells us about Connie walking out the front door of her home, when a car quickly pulled up and stopped in front of her. A man in a black suit yelled out the window for assistance with directions and as Connie approached the car to see if she could be of some help,....... she was suddenly grabbed with painful force on her upper arm by this spooky man, he frantically tried to pull her into the car! Connie reacted immediately by fighting him off and sprinted back into her home, where she locked the door and cowered in the corner until Keith came home. When Mr. Aeiker came in he found Connie with a ripped blouse and in an absolute state of terror.
This shocking abduction attempt was followed by a hand written note the couple found on their front porch that said, " Be careful girl, I can get you yet."

After the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, the sightings of this mysterious creature completely faded to a halt, for a long period of time. There have been some reports of Mothman in the area, but nothing on the scale that was seen in 1966-67.

46--- people died in the bridge collapse.
Special note:
The very heavy presence of MIB in the area, leads one to believe that Mothman is in fact an alien entity of some sort.
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  1. There is a macabre death list of people who have passed away, who have had an association with Mothman in some way.


    You be the judge.

    go to --

  2. Other mass sightings of Mothman, preceding a disaster include, but not limited to-------

    1.)--Jonestown, before the town flooded, due to a massive dam break, killing hundreds of people.

    2.)Galveston, Tx., before the devastating hurricane, annihilated the city.

    3.)-- Chernobyl, Russia, before the reactor exploded, killing dozens, debasing the earth, and setting a course for hundreds to die slowly in extreme pain in the years that followed.

  3. Additional sightings of Mothman include,.....

    *2007,..The Minnesota Bridge, located on Interstate 35. Mothman was seen in the area, right before the bridge collapsed.

    *Mexico,....Mothman was witnessed many times, before the H1N1 virus broke out in the area.

    *2009,..Sacramento California. A man by the name Lamont Greer was taking pictures, when he noticed the creature standing in plain view, on top of the bridge! Lamont watched as Mothman spread his great wings and flew off of the bridge peak. Greer's description of Mothman matches many others formally given.

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  5. The Mothman Prophecies movie is based on a book written by John keel.

    The book's main focus is the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where many people had very real and frightening encounters with the winged being known as Mothman. The book contains much information about the alien link to Mothman,.. including a fantastic amount of reports on UFOs in the area, Men in Black arriving after the fact and the interaction with forces from other dimensions.

    The movie by the same name, is a story based around the facts, relayed in the book.

    Richard Gere is a married reporter who becomes involved in a car accident, resulting in his wife's hospitalization. While Mary's head injury is being treated, she begins drawing what she witnessed the night of the crash, and a picture of Mothman begins to appear in her repeated sketches.
    Mary dies of a brain tumor that was discovered while recuperating in the hospital. Twenty four months after her death, Richard Gere's character ( John Klein), is driving along, when he becomes hopelessly lost, and five hours removed from his planned destination.
    He finds himself in Point Pleasant just in time for the arrival of Mothman,....... and the bizarre events begin to unfold.

    John begins working with the town sheriff as she investigates the Mothman activity,...strange light phenomena and eerie phone calls. At this point in time, he realizes his wife had drawn pictures of what the townsfolk were currently seeing and experiencing.

    Klein proceeds to find an expert on the subject, who informs him, of the long history on our planet with Mothman sightings and that it usually is a indicator of calamity for the area.

    The movie ends with the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

    The book has much more information about the UFO connection, the sinister MIBs and other supernatural phenomena that took place at that time.
    I recommend reading this very interesting book as John Keel was a direct observer who states, " I have come to realize that we have been observing complex forces which have always been an essential part of our environment."

  6. John Keel made an interesting observation while speaking about Mothman.

    In investigating the many accounts of the creature, John interest was especially peaked when a blood mobile was intently followed by the winged man.
    John then began to wonder if blood played a part in who was seeing Mothman,... and discovered that the majority of the women who had a close encounter with this other worldly creature,...were in fact menstruating!

    Does the smell of blood bring a Mothman closer, then he would normally bother to venture?