Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas poem

Dear Santa

Can you help me?

For I really need you this year.

You see…….

I am not 12 or 8 or 3,…..

But in our parents eyes forever their children,

We will be…..

I know that you are busy with packages and bows,

The merry hustle and bustle,

And the tasting of homemade cookie dough…

But my request cannot be pulled from a bag,

It must come from the heart,

It does not have a ‘to & from’ tag….

I know in the past my requests were full of excitement color and noise,

But no amount of that, will bring me any joy..

For someone who is very dear to me is ill this day,

And it is for him, that I am asking for you to pray……

It surely is as we’ve all been told,

That no amount of gemstones, silver or gold..

Can ever take the place of someone we hold dear,

A story that has echoed, as it is handed down through the years……

So Santa,.. This year I hope you will see,

That what I want most, cannot be placed under the Christmas tree…..

As you bring the rest of the world gifts, tidings and good cheer,

Remember for me, to simply say a little prayer….

This Christmas Eve as you travel the world to here and to there.

And with your presents drop down chimneys everywhere….

Please leave behind a thought in people’s hearts,

What matters most is the love that we start…

It cannot be bought, borrowed or sold,

And it lasts forever no matter how old….

So you see Santa,…. With the magic of Christmas, and faith I believe,

That this one special wish can be achieved…..

With warmth in our hearts, and your prayer sent with love,

I know I will get my gift from above…..

For this precious present, will make me feel more than glad,

For the prayer you are saying this Christmas,

Is for my dad.

Written with love,

By Kelly Horan



I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year!

As you gather with loved ones to celebrate the season of peace, please remember that what matters most in this world is indeed love.

Christ spent the entirety of his life trying to teach humanity the way,…. how to walk the golden path,….. and how to be,…. Love.

It is the most amazing power on earth, and when we as a species finally realize this, we can join together and change our reality in an instant.

Love manifests beauty,…..

Love has curative and healing properties,….

Love is brave,….

Love is loyal,….

Love the strong,…..

Love can transform our world,….

Love can make us so much more, than we are now.

Love to you my dear Earth family,….I pray you have your hearts desire, and every good thing in this world.

I send much love, peace,…. and blessings to you and your family.

Merry Christmas!

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