Thursday, March 7, 2013

Russell Crowe Shares UFO Photos With The Family of Earth

As the family of earth slowly awakens to the astronomical amount of duplicity that is all around us,....we see a completely different reality emerging into our consciousness.

Undeniable and reaching stratospheric heights, is the evidence of ET interaction in our world.

As the MANY races, who travel in varied styles of ships make themselves known to humanity, one understanding MUST BE KEPT in the forefront of your mind, and that is,..... the good ETs are here to assist humanity in this transition,....the EVIL ones (who are in league with the shadow government) have been here for a LONG TIME.

You should try to 'FEEL' the vibration that is coming from the craft to see if it is sending vibrations of LOVE,...or is it 'technical' and gives you deep dreaded feelings of FEAR.

The putrid ones look at humans as a disposable resource,.....the benevolent ones consider us THEIR FAMILY.

The pictures of the glowing craft (that Russell Crowe captured) were shared on Youtube, and you can see them for yourself on the following link.

Let the eons of utter deceit fall away and begin to open your mind!

Youtube video is about 2 min. (Watch is quickly, as videos of importance have a tendency to be removed.)

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