Friday, November 12, 2010

Fact or Faked Show on Flying Humanoids

One of many images of Flying Humanoids.

 I wanted to leave this particular write up in the comments section of the story on this blog called " Flying Humanoids,"......however it was rejected as being to long, I have been forced to do a mini-write up.

 Here we go.

Recently, the show called “Fact or Faked” (which runs on the SYFY channel) did an episode on this very important and mysterious subject.

I was disappointed with the determination, to say the least.

This show IS enjoyable,…..and I DO recommend it,…..however they have been getting some very important phenomenons completely wrong.

It starts out by showing the world an astonishing video clip that remains unexplained,….and sets out to find an explanation. The beginning of the show is my favorite part, as you will get to see the MOST spectacular clips circulating on the Web today,…..AND….. I......…DO..… MEAN…… SPECTACULAR!

They then move on to give you a brief history of the event and walk you around the chosen areas, that are to be investigated.

I feel this impressive group of professionals have a relatively firm understanding of their audience,…..which are the largest group of free thinkers, psychics, intuitives, and emotionally and intellectually brilliant people from around the globe. Most of their audience have an excellent understanding of just how complex our world is.

Given this,…I am surprised by the occasional failings of this extremely likable collection of 6 women & men,…..with a vast array of back rounds. You will love them,….despite their sporadic inaccurate conclusions.

The flying humanoid video clip that was under investigation for the show,….is one of MANY videos available today,…….and more are being uploaded each and every day.

The clip shows a black in appearance, bulky and odd looking form, flying in an even and steady formation, in the clear daytime sky.

They then try to recreate the look of the video using every available means of technology and video special effects (such as tilted Plexiglas slabs in front of the camera,..that had been used on previous shows, the use of extraordinarily sophisticated animatronics,...etc.)

The first up was the use of a man piloting a jet pack. This did not match the video clip in question, as the gentleman was unable to stay in the air for the amount of time of the original video,….. it was exceedingly noisy (as compared to the silence of real flying humanoids),….and last but certainly not least,……it undoubtedly looked like a HUMAN with a jet-pack on.

Next up was the zip line. A line was set up to go from point "A" to point "B",…an investigator then jumped on the pulley system, and they proceeded to film.

This also languished when compared to the original video,…as you could easily see the zip line with a human dangling from it. The investigator proceeded to glide on a very brief, straight line of decent.

In absolutely NO WAY was this recreation a match.

Then a group of balloons were tried. (This seems to be very popular theme among the skeptics,….who have a hard time grasping anything that the official news agencies have NOT yet told them to believe in.)

This was an absolute laughable delinquency, when compared to the original video.



Because it LOOKED like a bunch of balloons,…bobbing around, ……………going up,.... then down,…..swaying with the air current.

The balloons, which were covered with a large, black, plastic bag to give the appearance of a thickened human-like shape, were then hooked up to a modern remote control unit,….and silently propelled through the sky.

The look of the video satisfied the investigators,…..and they ruled the phenomena solved. Well,…at least this particular video clip.

Why I have a problem with the result.

*As you have just read in the flying humanoid write up, or need to read on this blog,….....this mystery has been occurring for thousands of years! Modern remote control units were not available to those who spoke of and drew depictions of these creatures, flying in their ancient skies.

*Whole entire areas have reported seeing them,….and described the flying human-like forms,…from around the globe! Reports were made to the authorities in most instances.

NO explanation was ever given.

It is completely inconceivable to believe the world has been playing a grand hoax, that goes back thousands of years,…… upon itself!

*They fully discounted eye-witness testimony,….that have seen this mystery up close and personal,……to the point where sketches have been made of the array of creatures that are seen within these flying suits. (As in the police officer who was in a state of shock, after the creature descended upon him and crashed into the window shield of his squad car.) Watch the video link attached to the bottom of the story called Flying Humanoids (found on this blog) for a look at one of the sketches given of this creature.

*flying humanoids have been observed and recorded in a myriad of ways.

Such as,….

1. In a standstill hold while in the air.

2. Moving slowly,….then quickly, in a very obvious piloted direction.

3. Turning in mid-air to face an observer, and falling upon them in a very intentional action.

* Finally,….the reason I have a problem with their conclusion,…is the observance of an energy discharge beneath the feet of the flying creatures. This discharge can be seen in the picture attached to the flying Humanoid Story on this blog,..... and in the many videos that are on the Web,….when they are enlarged and enhanced.

Balloons do NOT change the energy field around them.

So,….while they were able, with modern technology, to make their video look somewhat like the video in question,……….this in no way solves the mystery of the flying humanoid,…… when you look at ALL THE CONSEQUENTIAL FACTORS INVOLVED.

Despite the occasional errors of the group,….you must watch them,… they do get others right.

Once again,……SYFY,…….you managed to have a hit on your hands!

We can’t stop talking about it!

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