Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forces Of Benevolence Are Needed Now To Create The Portal Of Light

This blog has many mysteries, that many of you already understand as being a part of our greater reality. Some write ups are interesting, some are amusing,........others are deeply frightening.

I don't want to just give you information that alarms you,...without giving you the knowledge that you are not helpless,......and we are indeed powerful beings of light.

There is a solution to every problem,.....and every mystery can indeed be solved.

As a soul that is searching for the unseen, have a desire to know how things work,......"the how's",.......and "why's of life."

This makes you a free thinker, someone who wants to find out the absolute veraciousness of it all for yourself,.....and not just be spoon fed stories by others.

Once again you are needed. It is by no accident that you are reading this....................

Permission was asked for,....and permission was granted,... to give to you the following soul assignment.

In this divine duty, you are asked to participate in the most crucial work you will ever do in your life.

You have most likely come a long way by now in your search for unraveling the many mysteries that exist,....and your desire to understand the Universe and how it works.
Before we go any further with the task, must completely comprehend that there are many forces at work here,....and it is absolutely essential that you use your intuition.

Do you truly have a desire to know the truth and work on behalf of love and light?

If you do,.......and your answer is yes to the above question,.....then you need to do the following, to have a certainty for yourself, honest KNOWING about where you are being lead.

1. You MUST create a deep desire to know and understand the truthfulness of words when they are spoken,..... and deeds when you see a particular action in play. There is much deceit in this world and you are being mislead on a daily basis by those who do not want you to know the verity of your life.

2.Concentrate upon this profound craving to know the truth, in a quiet and meditative state. Be in a state of peace and love, while going inside of yourself. You can do this right before falling asleep at night,.. when you feel rested, (this will usually result in a dream state, that is attempting to answer your questions) can do this exercise in the morning upon the rising of the sun, facing the warm golden sunlight while your being is in a state of serene calm, can do this with others. When I say others, can be people of like mind,......or a church group that is drawn together in a state of prayer and love.

3. The answers will start to come in your direction hard and fast,.....almost too much information. The Isness, will show you the way. You will be steered in a direction that is serendipitous and you will be surprised by how it all starts to come about. You may not like what you hear,....or even who you are hearing or reading it from,....for it will be the truth,.......and many people on this planet have no idea what the truth of this universe really is,....nor do you understand where you come from.

Work quickly to know the truth for yourself.

Know thyself.

For the following exercise needs everyone of you and it is taking place right now!

A very special THANK YOU, Twinflames for this beautiful meditation.
Please read on.

11-11-10 Portal of Light.

The new reality paradigm.

On November 11th 2010,...a minimum of one million awakened souls will proceed through the Unity Grid of Light and group collective consciousness, envisioning a world of peace and harmony and love.

As these thought forms are created, a spiraling vortices of light are brought into being as sub-atomic particles of love and Unity Consciousness.

 All life has the opportunity to awaken to this new reality of co-creation and harmony. Letting go of fear and separation, control and power issues.

As light workers,....Star seeded ones,...Way showers,....Spiritual leaders,.....and Teachers,.... we are asked to hold this focus for Christed Consciousness for all life on this Earth Plane. To envisage the emergence of the 5th world templates,.... by projecting this collective thought form consciousness into the future and creating the world that we know as "The Golden Age of Aquarius."

Starting from 11-11,........for 11 days and for 11 minutes each day, 11:11Am,...........and 11:11PM,........we will focus on Christed Consciousness,....... on co- creating a world unified through the heart and mind of Mother/Father God.

Victory is ALREADY OURS.

Invocation for the new reality paradigm,......

I call upon Mother /Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I align with my Mighty I Am Presence, .......the Highest Light of Who I Am and Who I have Forever Been,

I now call for a complete activation of the 12 Strand DNA and a clearing of all limited beliefs and patterns I may hold at a cellular level, so I may truly experience myself as this Master Being of Love and Light.

I now call upon the Company of Heaven and my I Am Presence to assist in downloading all the key codes of Light that I am needing in this Now, take me into unconditional Love and One Unity Consciousness.

I now find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, this crystalline grid of Light, within and around this earth plane, connected to Mother Earth, and a minimum of  one million Light workers along this grid of Light,  and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this ascension of the earth.

I am now surrounded in the golden flame of Unity Consciousness,
as I merge completely with my I Am Presence.  In this energy of Love and Unity Consciousness, I now envisage a spiralling vortex of Light about my aura, combining with all those along the Unity Grid, holding the focus of World Peace, Love and Unity Consciousness for this new Golden Age.

I now experience this collective Christed Consciousness, opening my heart to all Life, recognizing myself as One with all Life, One with Mother/Father God.

As I project my Christed Consciousness into the future, I envisage an earth where all Life co-creates in Love and lives fearlessly.

I envisage a world of harmony and abundance for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world of Love and joy for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world of One Unity Consciousness for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world enlightened by the new Reality Paradigm, the Golden Age of Aquarius.

As this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint, I envisage this Blueprint of Light for all Life on this earth plane.

And so it is.

This Invocation was brought to you by "The Twinflames" and I have enclosed a incredibly beautiful video to go along with this meditation of pure love. Do this meditation twice a day, if you can. We are all needed now.

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