Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FBI Quietly Releases Documents Which Speak of Aliens and Their Craft on Earth

Light post in Roswell, New Mexico.

Very quietly, a group of documents were released on the FBI website called,.... 'The Vault.'

Discharged under the Freedom of Information Act,....the many pages includes a letter to FBI Director, J Edgar Hoover,....and very specifically speaks of recovered ALIEN BODIES and their CRAFT.

The brief and to the point record is from Guy Hottel, who was a special agent of the Washington field office, back in the year 1950.

It is titled, ' FLYING SAUCERS.'

This memo confirms aliens crashing down upon our earth and offers information that until two weeks ago, was classified,....and NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.

The letter states the following,.............

Three flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico, by the US military in 1947.

*The saucers were circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.

*The ships were occupied by three bodies of human shape,...however they were only three feet tall.

*The beings were dressed in a metallic cloth, of a very fine texture,..with each body bandaged in a manor similar to the black out suits used by speed fliers and test pilots.

The above information actually ran on major media news!
(This is a shock,...since most people no longer rely on televised news for their first choice in factual and unbiased information. People have come to the conclusion that the reporters are crippled in their ability to report information freely.)

The news clip on Fox, titled 'FBI Releases Secret Files on UFOs' can be found all over the Internet.

There are those who are so deep in the state of denial,...that even with the historical record released on an official government website,...are still trying to state the information is fabricated,...and a complete con to the people of America.

Personally, I can't imagine the FBI,....would further damage their already lacerated image by perpetrating a farce. Their credibility,...which is hanging precariously by threads,....would be completely destroyed.

My view point on this matter,..........someone made a correct and brave decision,...and should be congratulated for their honesty. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and became filled once again,...... with hope. Immediately,.. I knew,.....  their are obviously still people operating within our government that do love us and want the people to know the truth.

These agencies are COMPLETELY aware of the state of consciousness in the world. In their constant surveillance,.. and studding the pulse of the world wide Net, they understand that tremendous amounts of people on the planet are fully aware of what is going on.  In fact, general people in the populous are in direct communication with numerous ET races!

These government agencies are also acutely cognizant of the damage to their image, by the mass deceit that has been perpetrated upon the public. They know they can no longer hide the reality of the ET presence,...as these other worldly races make themselves more visible to the people of the world,... every day.

The option of grand secrecy,...is no longer in their hands.

Someone,.....somewhere,....buried deep in our government, has started the long road to healing. The truth is being emancipated a little at a time. Maybe,...the slow admission, is for the gentle acclamation of the public to accept the reality of the ETs.

Whatever the reason,....the United States is not the first country in the world to acknowledge the actuality of aliens on earth. Numerous other countries are frank and honest regarding the alien presence, and do not try to hide it from their people.

If you lived your life in denial of the alien reality,...you can no longer.

The FBI has a pretty impressive website. Go to http://vault.fbi.gov/ to see the official papers for yourself.


The next film clip is a salute to the people of Mexico, who came forward with the ET truth,....... years ago.

Mexican Air force pilots actually record on sophisticated flight equipment, 11 extra-terrestrial craft while in the air. The Mexican Defense Department stands by the presented video evidence, and verifies it's authenticity to the public, during a news conference in Mexico City.

The Defense Ministry very courageously showed the evidence, and let the public know what is occurring, throughout our planet.

A huge hug of gratitude to you Mexico, for telling the people in your country the TRUTH, in this OTHER WORLDLY matter.

The community of the world,... would like to THANK YOU ALSO!

For the citizens of the United States,.....if all you are listening to is the box in your living room,.....you are seriously behind in what is going on in the world today.

It has become crystal clear, to the people of the Internet,....that the American news is a border line joke. I make that statement with a heavy heart. It isn't what I grew up learning in school,...or what I thought to be true for so very long,......however,.....it becomes more and more evident every day.

The television programs, newspapers and most magazines, only speak about what has been sanctioned and sanitized, to the public.

 Predominant Internet sites, that happen to be owned by the same major media corporations, routinely censor out personal opinions in the comment section,....if it doesn't agree with the story line.

Our Freedom of Speech is being squelched, while the information we are allowed to know is heavily controlled.

People everywhere should have basic freedoms of their sovereign being. The freedom to be who we are are,.. with out manipulation or control by another human, or corporation,...and be educated to the truth, while we speak our individual opinions to the matter.

People planet wide MUST be able to speak FREELY, so we can work through the hurtles in our world,....TOGETHER.

Below is the video shown to the people of Mexico, during a press release.

Once again,.... a huge 'THANK YOU'....... to our earth family in Mexico,...for coming forward and telling the world the TRUTH. Hugs and kisses!


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