Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bear Lake Monster of Utah

Bear Lake

Mountain lakes are beautiful places to spend the day, swimming and boating,........that is,.......IF you know what is in the water with you.

Bear Lake, Utah is home to a well known lake monster, and the stories about the creature have been passed down since 1863, when the Indians first whispered to the settlers, "Beware of the lake."


An elusive animal that is surprisingly large (up to 40 feet long) and extremely agile in the water. It has been described as having the head of an alligator, a long body with a powerful tail, paddle like appendages, razor sharp teeth and dark brown skin color.

The very first sightings of the mystery animal, came from the Native American Indians.

The Indian tribes passed down an oral history of the lake creature, that speak of it snatching people who strolled along the shore line and pulling swimmers under into the dark depths of the water, never to be seen again. The lore goes on to say,... that the creature breaths air and was observed many times, as it slowly crawled out of the water and moved awkwardly upon the land.


*John Collings and Thomas Sleight from Paris, Idaho ....................and M. Davis accompanied by Allen from St. Charles were taking half a dozen children home from a party, when they decided to rest by the lake. Activity in the water, had them all focusing on the the large rolling waves. The group noticed around 10 humps of brown protruding from the water, of varying sizes. The speed of the creature barreling through the water was astonishing, at around a mile per minute!

*S. Johnson, was out for a ride, on a beautiful sunny day in 1886. While trotting his horse along the shore of the lake he spied a object in the water. Johnson drew the horse closer to the waters edge to get a better view. It appeared to be a fallen tree, just laying in the water, completely still. Then in an instant, a mouth large enough to swallow a man whole opened and proceeded to blow water into the air! Johnson went on to describe the water monster as having a narrow head, pointed ears and tiny legs compaired to the girth of it's body.

*Wilford Woodruff and George Q. Cannon were with a large group of twenty individuals when they also encountered the lake monster. The encounter was reported and readily believed, due to the integrity of the gentlemen involved.

*1871, the Salt Lake City Herald runs the story that the water monster was caught by a fisherman, who specifically set out to catch the animal. The paper stated, "This latter day wonder is said to be about twenty feet in length, with a mouth sufficiently large enough to swallow a man without any difficulty and is propelled through the water by the action of it's tail and legs."

*Brian Hirschi was backing up his boat in 2004, when he felt a bump. The water monster came up out of the water, then immediately splashed back down into the lake,....creating a huge wave. Brian heard the creature make a loud bellowing noise and described it as sounding much like a bull.

All who have seen the creature say that it's is swimming at an extremely high rate of speed and headed right for them! Such an action is considered to be territorial and extremely aggressive.

Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist that was featured on the show "Lost Tapes" by the Animal Planet, thinks the creature is a hold over from the ice ages. Since this lake is from the last Ice Age, it indeed is a possibility. All eye-witness descriptions given, meet the definition of the family of Plesiosaur. Specifically, a Pliosaur was the short- necked , large- headed version.

Reports over the years tell of the creatures ability to stalk by moving slowly into shallow water, laying quietly, then springing forward to snatch it's victim. Much like an alligator, it would bite down and then take you under the water, to drown in the cold depths, where it can finish you at it's leisure.

I don't know about you,.....but if I ever picnic at Bear Lake, will be on the roof of my car!

Want to see a video?
This is a brief 2 minute video, on the descriptions of the lake monster.
If you have been to Bear Lake and have had an encounter, let us know!


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    i am very interested in this and i would love any and all the imformation and or pics that anyone could send me about this animal.i read somewhere that it was thought to be a Basilisaurus?hope i spelled that right.But if thats the case,how could it move about on land?

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    not real sure how to do this,but am trying to learn.