Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clovis Wolfe Manor..... a ghostly sanitarium

Clovis Wolfe Manor

Clovis Wolfe Manor is a 9,000 square foot mansion, that was built in 1922, by Tony Andriotti, as a home for his family. Located in Clovis California, it's design is plain to look at from the outside, however the inside was quite lavish for it's time. A formal ball room occupied the fourth floor and a swimming pool was built right into the basement! The entire cost of the project put Tony into deep debt and with the assistance of the Great Depression, he went bankrupt.

After sitting vacant for a long time, the lovely mansion was finally sold in 1935 and became the Hazelwood Sanitarium, a hospital for those with terminal illnesses. Many long suffering patients took their final breath inside of it's once opulent walls. After a period of seven years, the building would change ownership again and Mrs. Brashears opened up the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium. The mansion was now licensed by the state of California, to treat those with mental illness. With the very best of intentions, a facility was opened to care for those who were unwanted in society, however a very dark turn was taken along the way and the patients ended up being gruesomely tortured, neglected and abused.

The building became overcrowded with 150 residents packing the space. These unfortunates were actually sleeping out in the open, of the hallways. The death toll would inevitably number in the thousands and staff estimated a resident would die in the facility, every single day. The horrible conditions made it hard to maintain employees and those who remained behind were burned out and over burdened. They would chain troublesome residents to the toilets and lock them in the showers in the same manner. The metal wearing on skin created festering wounds, which would puss up and in some instances become gangrenous. The high stress levels of the residents had them turning on one another and with little or no supervision, several murders occurred.

The horrendous neglect had the bodies stacking up in the basement, where the dead awaited removal. Days would pass, until a coroner from out of the area would take the drive, to retrieve the stale corpses.

With the enormous amount of negative energy swirling around.....disease, torture, neglect, and death,..... the stage becomes set for ghostly hauntings at the manor.

Before it finally closed down in 1997, staff members who walked away from the facility, told family and friends of the shocking amount of paranormal activity within the dreaded building. The good people of the town, feared the angry and insane spirits would wander beyond the gates of the sanitarium and disrupt the surrounding tranquil homes. People started having crucifixes and rosary beads blessed with holy water and would weave the sacred objects into the fence that surrounded the cursed facility, in a dire effort to contain the lost souls.
In walks the Ghost Adventures Crew (paranormal investigators), from the Travel Channel. While gathering information on the manor, they interview a retired police officer who claims they received three phone calls a week, that originated from the closed sanitarium! When inspected, the building was found to have no telephones of any kind left inside the structure, nor was telephone service even hooked up!

Were the abused and angry spirits still calling for help?

Reports are given to the Crew by witness that include,... the sound of a walker being slowly dragged across the floor,.... doors fiercely slamming shut,... people getting violently pushed / shoved,..... hair being painfully pulled,...... and one account where a man almost broke his neck, when invisible hands yanked his ankles and he fell to the ground, while trying to exit the basement crawl space!

Later on in the lock down investigation, by the G.A.Crew, Zak gets grabbed by his neck, while trying to get back out, of that very same crawl space!

Spirit voices caught on tape during the investigation,....

* A lady lowly moaning.
* FELT and heard deep labored, breathing.

* "It wasn't me Zak." -------This is said when one of the investigators says, "I just saw a flash."

* "Get out!" -----This is said when the investigators say, "We are here to help, talk to us now."

* "No." ----This is said when Arron gets sharp pains in his head and Zak asks, " Are you doing this to us?"

* "DIE!" -----This is said while Zak is simply standing beside the dark opening of the ominous crawl space, in the basement.

* "Want your energy." ----- This is said while Zak is INSIDE the nefarious crawl space,....alone.

The digital voice recorder then gets put on the ground beside an old sofa, that was left behind and a new piece of equipment called an ultraviolet camera is aimed in the direction of the recorder. This camera is able to capture a much wider spectrum of light. A purple light is then seen hovering around the recording device and the word, "stay" is picked up. The light moves and appears to lay on the couch,.....then it leaves. Zak walks over and sits on the couch while talking ...and he invites the entity back into the room! The purple light briefly shows up on the sofa once again and says,.... "Zak".....into the recorder.

Paranormal researchers now flock to the manor and have captured all types of evidence. Spirit voices that have been recorded, number in the thousands. The local residents consider that plot of land to be a "BLACK HOLE" and take extreme measures to avoid it.

Currently owned by Todd Wolfe, the manor is slated to become a HAUNTED HOTEL and will be opened to the public.
Want to take a peek inside Clovis Wolfe Manor? Here is a 10 minute video where the Ghost Adventures Crew take a look inside the structure, lay out their plan and start the investigation...............


  1. i wanted to check out the video on youtube why did u take it down?

    1. Dear Anonymous, (Dated Sept. 21, 2012)

      I did not take down the video, as I did not post it.

      I simply referred to it, as it realated to what was written about in my post.

      I am very sorry to see that it was removed, as it was a GREAT segment.

      This is a common occurrence, as videos get yanked for reasons that are utterly ridiculous.

      In fact, the more consequential a video may be,...the greater the chance of it being pulled out of circulation. (As you will see in other videos of magnitude.)

      My advice is to watch the videos while you can, and share it with friends / family if it resonates with you.

      'Keyword' into a search what you are interested in, and find others who have SAVED the matter, and absorb the content.

      The Ghost Adventures Crew are highly entertaining,...and I energetically recommend watching them for a fun night!

  2. I live about 15 min away, I can't wait to see if it turns in to a hotel I've wanted to see inside for the past few years

  3. Hello guys. I know you're posts are now 5 months old but I have a question based on opinion. I am an avid follower of ghost adventures and in my opinion its evidence retrieved with there great number of devices makes other shows such as ghost hunters entirely out dated and unnecessary. I don't believe the ghost hunters show is even a tenth as entertaining or a tenth close as g.a. to proving the existance of another plain after death. Also, has ghost adventures proven this existance to be fact? I believe so and I don't understand how anybody can say otherwise. If these tools, the melmeter (poor gary galka and family but a genius, thank you melissa) the sb7 spirit box, u.v. cameras, digital recorders and something as old a thermomenter, are proven to be accurate, how can anybody possibly not believe?

  4. My oldest brother worked at Wolfe Manor right before it it closed down. Then my other two siblings broke into it, on my 13th birthday, mind you. They just looked around the mansion and took a lot of pictures of everything. They didn't take anything, but...tge pictures they showed me...they were really scary. There were hospital rooms with blood everywhere. A chair with monstrous-looking claw marks on was horrifying to me as a child. My older brother that worked there said people were constantly getting cut and choked when they toured the manor. No one was seriously injured as far he told me. Scary stuff though...I feel so bad for the tortured souls there.