Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cave Demons

In this ever changing world, it seems as if mysteries and bizarre creatures are around every dark corner and can be found in deep bodies of murky water. They appear in abandoned buildings, colossal tracks of desolate land, spooky swamps and the vastness of our underground and cliff side cave systems.

Ever heard of a Cave Demon?

They are the latest unknown creature to be spotlighted for public discussion. The show " Lost Tapes" recently ran a program on Animal Planet, that was all about these mysterious winged beings.

The show highlighted famed naturalist , Ivan T. Sanderson.........who journeyed on an expedition in 1932, to the Rain Forest of Cameroon and found an extraordinarily fearsome entity. The report given by Sanderson stated upon entering a cave, the entire exploring party were swooped down upon, by giant bat-like beings. Ivan's exact words described them as,......."Black as coal with membranous wings and long sharp teeth!"

Although new to us here in the Western world, they are nothing new to areas of the planet with warmer and wet climates.

The natives in Cameroon who often see them, refer to the creature as Olitiau. The beings are described as terrifying to look upon, with what looks like a mixture of human or monkey.......... and bat-like features in the face. Long, wild, disheveled, hair around the head, much like a mane, with pitch black fur covering the entirety of it's body. The wings are massive 10-15 feet wide, with thin membranous skin, closely resembling that of a common bat. The body of the fearsome creature stands about the size of a human being upon clawed feet and it's teeth which can clearly be seen, are razor sharp, pointed daggers.

Around the world throughout our history, you will find evidence of these giant Bat People/ creatures,.....going as far back to the Mayan Civilization in Mexico! An entire Mayan cult worshiped, carved and painted pictures, as well as made sculptures of what they called the "Death Bat."

The people of Java, claim their Rain Forest is home to a bat/ human being, that they call the, "Athol." The name is derived from the sound the witnesses have described hearing the creature make, when it soars over their heads.

Even in Vietnam, a creature that matches the giant bat/human descriptions is seen and deeply feared. They call it the "Night Flyer," and they claim it is aggressive, making multiple attacks on it's targeted prey.

Other surprising accounts come from soldiers who have been at war, throughout our history. A large number of men have come forward and given testimony to this creature, that comes soaring out, when the sun begins to set in the sky. Maybe it is because the soldiers are exposed to the open of the night, when hunkered down in the fields , that they have had so many sightings.

Although not as common in the United States as other parts of the world, it has been sighted on our soil numerous times. The most widely recorded account belongs to mountaineer...Butch Whittaker. The sighting took place in the year 1994, when Butch was out preparing to climb Mt. St. Helens, in the state of Washington. In the broad light of day, the creature soared overhead near the volcano top and even though Butch was in a state of disbelief about what he was seeing, he managed to get several photographs of the winged humanoid, before it completely disappeared. It was later described by Butch as having blood-red eyes, purplish toned skin, wings of a Pterodactyl and the head and face of monkey mixed with the features of a bat. It was immediately dubbed, "Batsquatch."

Other places where it has been seen and reported include but are not limited to,..........................

*Brazil--they are reffered to as, "Bat People."
* Senegal--it is called, "Guiafairo."
*Ghana--it is called, "Sasabonsam."
*Madagascar--it is called, "Fangalabolo."
*Middle East--it is called, "Bar Juchne."
*Saudi Arabia--it is called, "Anka."
*Philippine Islands--it is called, "Manananggal," and other areas,..."Alan."
*Indonesia-- it is called, "Orang-Bati." The villagers in this particular area claim the winged creature lives in the long dormant volcano tops and comes out in the dark of the night to feast upon warm blooded bodies. The Orang-Bati has been witnessed snatching away small children in the villages for it's next meal. Fear of this winged marauder runs extremely high, in this region.

So once again we find our self asking the same questions,...........

What are they?

*Did a race of higher intelligences play God, a long time ago and tamper with the DNA of two different creatures,........humans and bats?

*Are they from another world and slipped in through one of the star gates, located on our planet?

*Did they just evolve here and somehow managed to keep a rather low profile?

*Why is it that these accounts which number in the hundreds of thousands, rarely get recounted in our major media?
Want to see a brief, 2 minute video?
Special note: Do not confuse the Cave Demon with Mothman. The descriptions of the two vary greatly. All who have seen Mothman describe the enormous size of his eyes in comparison to the rest of his face. The descriptions say the eyes take up half of it's face and the statement ," they were the size of baseballs," has been used by eye witnesses. The height of Mothman is also much taller then the Cave Demon, which is said to stand around 5 feet in height.
On the descriptions of the Cave Demon, ALL who have had an encounter and lived to tell about it, state that it is clearly a bat/something (human or primate) type of creature.

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