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Pennhurst State School

Pennhurst State School

Pennhurst was designed as an institution for the mentally and physically disabled and it is quite elaborate in size and detail. With much thought and consideration, it was carefully placed upon 1,400 acres, in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania, between Montgomery and Chester County.

The scale of the compound is enormous, more like a small city, with enough room to house 3,500 patients at a time.

Located on the property was...............................................................................................

*Barber shop
*General store
*300 bed hospital
*Numerous dormitory styled buildings for the residents.
*Storage buildings
*Baseball field
*Recreational parks
*Farmed fields,...(The farmed fields, were managed by experts and much of the food supply was grown on site.)
*Even it's own Power plant!

Extreme design and engineering went into the labyrinth of buildings and they were connected underground by a sophisticated tunnel system. The system was put into place for the speedy movement of residents and supply transportation. What was once a salute to genius in design, now the bleak, dark, eerie bowls of the buildings, that now house the wandering spirits, of the mysery filled patients.

The long history of whispered abuse, went prime time, when NBC did a report on Pennhurst called, "Suffer the little Children," in 1968. It portrayed the complete and utter neglect and dehumanization of the unfortunates that were housed there.

The school closed it's doors almost 20 years later, after numerous lawsuits.

The complaints included constant sexual abuse of the patients, physical and mental abuse that were inhumane and dangerous, unsanitary and down right foul living conditions.

Cruel and unusual punishments,...... included having every single tooth pulled out of your head, by a dentist........ for making a second attempt at biting someone. The offending dentist chair still sits in the under ground maze, daring anyone who looks upon it, not to imagine the souls who suffered there.

The patients ALL regressed once they were admitted. Those who communicated well upon entrance, quickly lost the ability to speak , due to lack of interaction and proper stimulus. The ONLY noise that could be heard, was the constant frustrated screaming of the residents.

The infuriated spirits that were stuck in the bodies , of the disabled....are now free to lash out and vent their long pent up emotions on the living.......AND....some of them have remained behind at Pennhurst State to do JUST THAT!

They SCREAM FOR................being chained to their beds.

They scream for...........being left in isolation for so long, that they lost the will to live.

They scream for........being forced to sit in their own feces for days on end, due to neglect.

They scream for........the grown children that were unable to walk, because they simply were not taken out of their cribs and taught.

Their screams were deafening in life and they can still be heard in death.

The Ghost Adventures crew shot another fantastic lock down show at Pennhurst and actually show you an aerial view, of the massive and elaborate lay out of the grounds.

Here is a clip from the show where Zak interviews a witness, who captures a really gross, ghostly sound on tape.
Want to see more? In this clip you will get an excellent history and orientation of this haunted,

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