Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Werewolf or Dogman?

Known by many names,...Dogman.....Wolfman.......Werewolf,.... this large predator continues to make appearances in numerous locations, throughout our world.

The Wolfman indeed lives and roams the earth in the dark of the night.................
His penetrating stare brings terror, his menacing fangs pure fright,

Stalking and prowling, for to HIM you are just prey............
So,.. stay close to your safe, warm home,..make sure you do not stray,

For on dark full moon nights, this legend becomes real.............
And you better stay locked inside, if you don't want to become his next meal,

He will haunt your mind and make your blood run cold..............
The Wolfman's howl and growl are like they said, in the days of old,

So BEWARE,...be careful and believe in creatures that stalk the night.........
And you may live another day, by escaping his murderous bite.

Written by Kelly Horan

At first glance, it seems as if this nightmarish character walked right off of a Hollywood lot,... however when you truly research this subject, you will come to some startling factual conclusions.

The descriptions given by the many direct witnesses, who have been in the presence of this legendary creature, closely match what has been seen on the silver screen for decades. The Wolfman may be new to Hollywood,.. making appearances for approximately the last 70 years,....but historically this fearsome beast has walked the planet since the time of the Egyptians!

Well, what is everyone seeing?

The Dogman is described as being a very large, half wolf, half man type of creature. It stands around 7 ' tall and weighs in at 400lbs............and goes all the way up to an estimated 700lbs! The Dogman is able to go from a low, crouched position....to a full upright standing posture and walk, run and stalk like a human being, on two legs. People who have seen the creature up close, say that it shows extreme intellect and has narrowed it's eyes, while looking at them.
Most eyewitnesses said they felt extraordinary fear upon seeing it and felt like they could easily be it's next meal.

A plethora of Werewolf reports took place in the year 1450, when hundreds of sightings occcured. The mass encounters resulted in witch and werewolf hunts that blanketed the entire country side and are well written about in human history.


Of course the Egyptians, had many drawings of what looks exactly like a Dogman, throughout their culture and some believe they may have had a hand in the crossbreeding of species.

It seems that every culture has a term for the classic werewolf.

* In Ottawa, Canada...the Indians call it,.. Wendigo.
* In France it is called,.... Loup Garore.

*The United States, where it has been seen most often in Eastern Minnesota, Western Kentucky, Wisconsin and Michigan.......it is famously known as,... Dogman.

Theories abound about how the Dogman came into existence. One of the more popular theories bouncing around the Internert is the belief that the Atlantians, (an alien race)... were playing God and genetically mixed the DNA of a human being,...... with that of a wolf!

WELL,.. WHO IS SEEING IT?.........

Is it still being seen?..............

Exactly where is the creature roaming?...........


Very detailed reports have made it to the authorities, in every region where the Dogman has made his presence known, and continue right up to this very day!
Reports include but are not limited to the following,...............................

In 1794, a Frenchman documented in his private log, that he witnessed a Loup Garore or werewolf, while journeying throughout the Northern United States region.

*1936- On highway 18, while on his way home, a man sees a human/wolf creature, standing upright,... upon an Indian burial mound.

*1962- Harvard, Illinois...........a large creature, resembling a Werewolf, leaped directly out in front of a car, then bounded off into the nearby cornfield.

*1972- Jefferson County....a very large Werewolf tried to BREAK INTO a woman's house. The lady at home let out a bloodcurdling scream and the Wolfman ran off. The creature left behind it's footprints and injured a horse, in this particular report.

*2006- A road cleaner who was simply doing his job, describes the following shocking and life changing encounter. A dead deer is spotted and the truck is pulled over to where the body is splayed on the side of the road. The inert animal is picked up and placed in the open bed of the work truck. The worker returns to the vehicle to drive away, when he feels the truck start to rock. Thinking a strong gust of wind must have come along, he considers the movement of no consequence. When the truck starts shaking with violence a second time, the driver turns around to see the cause, ..........where he witnesses a Werewolf aggressively grabbing the deer and pulling it from the truck!

 In a state of panic, the man hits the gas, however the man-wolf is STILL on the truck ,......... holding on! The creature somehow manages to get the deer, himself and even some equipment that was in the truck bed, out and away from the vehicle.

*2004- Rock County, Wisconsin.......Three teenagers see what looks like 3 Wolfmen, off the side of the road. The teens actually stop the car and get out for a closer look. They see the Dogmen squatting beside a water source, using their hands to drink water in a cupping motion. A complete report was made to the authorities about the frightful incident. When, at a latter date the teens were given a lie detector test about this incredible sighting.........................

ALL passed with flying colors!

The History Channel recently did a show on Dogman, where the above teens were interviewed. The show mostly centered on an area of Wisconsin, where over 200 sightings have been reported and included the testimony of David and Mary Pagliaroni.

The report of David and Mary Pagliaroni was made in 1994 to the authorities and was recounted once again for the History Channel. It took place in Honey Creek, Wisconsin, on a Friday evening. The couple were on their way to a fish fry, when in the clear night air, a creature is spotted moving in the headlights of their car. David slowly brings his car to a stop, about 20' away from the massive Dogman. Direct eye contact was made between the aghast driver and the steadfast Wolfman. Described as being over 7 feet tall, 700lbs., reddish brown hair, dark piercing eyes,.................... it then turned and proceeded to jump off the side of the bridge!

This video is all about Dogman. Excellent watch!

The Gable Films, very interesting to say the least.
The following write up is about the Gable films. Recently two men have come forward and admitted that they hoaxed the films. This indeed MAY be true, however keep an open mind.
Remember,......many who have told a truth in the past, have later recounted the episode under threats or duress. The Gable films may be a grand hoax, .....the jury is out, ......however it does NOT DETRACT IN ANY WAY from the sheer amount of witnesses, that have encountered this very real and terrifying creature, throughout our human history. 

The Gable films one and two,... very controversial indeed.

Gable film one.......shot by Arron Gabel on 8mm film. You will see Arron before being eaten by the creature. Mostly simple shots of snowmobile fun in the country, Arron chopping wood, then the camera is taken in the truck and aimed out the window, while on a country drive. This is when it is first spotted. You can briefly see the creature crouched and moving in the field as they drive by. The next shot....is when the truck, a 1968 Ford is pulled over, .....Arron gets out with camera in hand and goes in the field for a closer look. It happens very quickly......Aron finds the creature and stands to film it. The creature moves slowly at first, then charges toward Arron. It becomes evident that Arron is now running for his life.....the camera catches an image of a snout opening up to bite..........the camera falls..........................................end of film.

Please notice in the "Gable one film" the 1968 Ford truck, Aron's hair color, texture and lenght. The type of movie camera that was used in the shoot, the surrounding location, Arron's shirt and upper torso.

The Gable two film........ shows what happened to Arron. The police are called in to do an investigation video, just north of Bellaire. The video photographer gets the filming job through his grandmother who works at the Antrim County Courthouse. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources wanted a filmed document, of what they are calling a "bear attack."

You will see a police officer hold up a sign that says, "Vehicle Reg: Arron Gable." A 1968 Ford truck, the same kind of video camera that Arron was using laying on the ground, the torso of Arron........his head , hair, and clothing style. Arron's face is turned away however you can see his arms.....the complete lower half of his body has been eaten away.

The video photographer is so distraught after this incident, that within two weeks he packs up his belongings and moves to Florida!
One week after "Uncle John" left, a DNR officer hand delivers the film, to John's mother's house. Upon inspection of the film, you can clearly see where the end of the film has been torn off. The film was not cleanly cut. It certainly makes you wonder what may be missing.

The nephew of the" Gable film 2", finds it packed away in his mother's basement and uploads it to Youtube. Within a short period of time the user " QuinlanOurr" gets told by Youtube to remove the video and is threatened with account suspension. All other users who have copied and re-uploaded the film are threatened in a similar fashion. One by one the "Gable two film" is disappearing from Youtube.


  1. The Destination Truth Team from the Syfy Channel, traveled to Romania to find what the locals say in living in the mountain region.


    After reading the headlines in the newspaper that said, " Romanian villagers arrested after performing ritual."

    The article goes on to say, "Fears of werewolf like creature prompted ceremony on buried corpse."

    The "ceremony" that was preformed is quite gruesome indeed. Driven by the terror they were feeling, they exhumed the body from the ground, cut out the person's heart, and drank what they could find of the corpse's blood!

    I think I speak for us all when I say,............................................................................................................


    (I actually feel a little guilty now for complaining about eating my broccoli.)

  2. Over the past few years an entire village has been abandoning their homes, due to WEREWOLF activity!

    The sightings are coming from an area that lies deep in the woods, near the Romanian town of Brad.

    The mountain village use to have multitudes of families,... now only 14 courageous individuals call it home.

    The people all agree on one thing,.........
    a WEREWOLF has taken up residence.

    The Destination Truth Team does an amazing job investigating the stories.

    I pray for their safety!

    Watch them anytime you get the chance.

  3. The Wolfman,....an ALIEN?

    Remote viewers and soldiers in a specialized unit, have come forward and stated that the creature we know as Dogman,…or the Wolfman,….is most likely an alien being.

    Evidently, a bi-pedal, humanoid/wolf type creature, has been seen and tracked in MANY areas of the planet.

    One soldier said, when he spied the creature it was actually wearing a robe of sorts.

    I don’t know if it is a good or evil being, as information is so fractured when you can find it.

    ESPECIALLY if it involves aliens!

    I absolutely DO know,.. the people who have seen it, have reported feeling a very deep rooted fear, just by gazing upon it’s face.

    It certainly explains why they are so elusive,….they are outsmarting us.

    Well,…between Bigfoot and the Wolfman,….I have a whole new respect for Chewbacca.