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The Chupacabra is a hideous, vampiric creature that prowls in the dark of night, seeking the weak...meek.....or the confined for an easy meal. Considered reptilian like in nature, it has scaly grey or green skin and according to witness statements...... has the ability to camouflage itself, thus conforming to it's a chameleon.
The Chupacabra stands around 48" tall, with pointy, spike like protrusions running down the entirety of it's head, neck and spine. Each hand has three sharp claws, as do the feet, ........a very visible tail, and legs that bound like a kangaroo. The face of the Chupacabra is egg shaped with shockingly bright glowing red eyes, a long jaw, extended fangs on upper and lower jaw, and a forked tongue that can be seen when it hisses.

Some reports claim to have seen wings on the back of this mystery creature and heard it's high pitched screeching, when it sees a human. People have reported smelling sulfur and said they became nauseous when in it's presence.

When on the ground, this bizarre fellow does not walk in smooth even strides, witness testimony states, he hops along on two bounding legs.

 All accounts point to the Chupacabra being an obvious creature of the night, as he tends to shy away from radiant light.

The name Chupacabras is Spanish in origin and it translates to mean, " goat sucker."
With the majority of sightings in South, Central and North has become a very famous cryptid indeed!

The Chupacabras has attacked and killed.............................................................................................


When discovered, the animals are found with two or sometimes three small holes in the body. Upon closer examination of the carcass the entire content of bodily fluids have been drained and on occasion even the internal organs have been removed!

(Very, very bizarre.)

Scores of attacks have been reported around the globe. One very widely recited account came in March of 1995, from Puerto Rico, where eight sheep had been drained of all of their bodily fluids, through three puncture holes in the chest area. The bodies left behind were a dried out shell!

Within two months of the 1995 sheep attack, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY reports were made in the small town of Canovanas, Puerto Rico, where the farm animals and personal pets were slaughtered in the exact same dreadful manner.

The interactions between the creature and the people of this town are quite impressive, resulting in many direct eye witnesses. An entire group of town folks, said they actually caught it in the act of killing roosters and proceeded to chase the creature away from the area.

In another widely witnessed event, in the bright light of day, (remarkable, for what most believe to be a nocturnal being) the creature came bounding down the center of the street! Madeline Tolentino and some of the other neighbors got together and tried to approach it. The Chupacabra ran off at lightning speed.

After the many eye-witnesses came forward and the hundreds of dead animals were counted.....the Mayor, Jose Soto.....decided to get an army together and try to find the culprit. With a goat in a cage for bait...(ugh, awful)..and a populous armed with weapons, the group desperately searched every week for an entire year.

The Chupacabras was never caught.

The town of Moca, Puerto Rico also experienced a rash of vampiric animal killings in 1975, however they did not use the term "Chupacabra" at that time. All the animals were parasitically drained of blood and the dried out bodies found where they had fallen.

At this same time people were seeing UFOs in the sky and becoming panicked. The officials tried to blame the entire stint of hollowed out animal carcasses on crocodiles......................which is ENTIRELY RIDICULOUS!

In April of 2000, in a small mining town in Chile, called Calamain, farmers found their goats and sheep murdered in the same precise grisly fashion. The National Guard was immediately called in to hunt down the mysterious predator. Hundreds upon hundreds of armed soldiers painstakingly searched the surrounding area.

Once again, was never found!

In 2006, The Mos News released a report that the Chupacabra was now in Russia! Thirty -two turkeys had been vampiricly drained of their life fluid over night and villages in Central Russia had reported ....thirty....sheep sucked dry in the same manner!

Theories abound on the Internet as to what the Chupacabra is.............and where it came from.

*Is it an alien from another planet?
*Is it an alien creature that hitched a ride on a space craft, (sort of like a rodent or a barnacle on a passenger ship) and then escaped?
*Is it a genetic experiment gone awry?
*Is it from a parallel dimension and has made our earth it's playground?
*Is it using the Star Gates on our planet to go in and out of worlds?

Well,...... what do you think?

Here is an excellent video, done by " The Animal X- Natural Mystery Unit" program. If you enjoy it and want to see more, there are additional parts to the show. Look on the side bar for part 2, when the video is over.

Recently the show ' Fact or Faked' did a show on the Chupacabra. Please read the comment section for a complete review of the show. The 'F Team' got the determination correct, when they classified the Chupacabra,...... as a creature that is yet to be explained.


  1. A popular theory that seems to be flying around the internet, is that the Chupacabra may be a secret experiment or a captive alien, that escaped a clandestine United States agency located within Puerto Rico.

    Built up high on the El Yunque Mountain, is a US owned and operated laboratory. This laboratory became deeply damaged in a severe storm in the early 1990's. The locals believe that the Chupacabra, because of it's appearance and intellect, may be alien--------and that the mysterious mountain facility is somehow connected.

    There is a tiny possibility that one was captured and held within the building for study, however since the creature was seen decades before the 1990's, in other areas of the world, I believe it is more likely to have discovered the island on it's own.

  2. There is a lot of hoopla recently over a small dog/coyote with a bad case of mange. The people who are seeing it,.....and in some instances killing it, are TRYING to call it the Chupacabra.


    This is clearly a canine, with none of the characteristics witnesses have attributed to the REAL Chupacabra.

    This pathetic and VERY SMALL, canine that they keep referring to, lacks the ability to drain an animal of it's life fluid, through two small holes......especially since cows and horses have been found this way.

    Canines RIP, TEAR AND CHOMP on their food, they DON'T render an animal paralyzed.....then proceed to suck it's blood.

  3. Another reason the chupacabra is not a canine of ANY SORT, the victims are found murdered,..... however they have NOT BEEN EATEN IN ANY WAY.

    What is missing from the animal, is the bodily fluids,.......and in some instances they are completely hollowed out.

    The assumptions that this pitiful,....mange covered canine, that they keep foolishly referring to as the culprit,........need to stop.

  4. You MUST ALSO REMEMBER,.....we have been immersed in decades upon decades of professional deceit and confusion.

    We are re-directed and lied to on a continual basis,.....because if you figure out the truth about one enigmna, will begin to question others.

    To steer you away from the TRUTH of the sensitive matter at hand, all the Black Alliance needs to do is CREATE DOUBT.

    So, someone,.....or send an operative, dump off an animal, with the story line that it was a Chupacabra killing.........., of which it unquestionably was NOT.

    Plant confusion in the local veterinarians,..and WALLA, have instant doubt.

    You now have a handful of veterinarians who will state the bodies that THEY have examined,....died of a natural predatory event.

    Of course,.. people who actually research this subject know that seeds of doubt will be planted and usually disregard these professionals. They are unknowing pawns in a very sophisticated cover-up.

    A TRUE RESEARCHER,....focuses on the overwhelming majority of evidence given forth by the masses, of which,... most are genuine and uncontaminated,..and ignores the propelled stooges that are paraded forth, to give a laughable excuse for the occurrence.

    The Chupacabra is a GENUINE CREATURE,.....we just do not know WHERE he is from,....or WHAT he truly is.

  5. The show ‘FACT OR FAKED’ (which runs on the SYFY channel on Wednesday nights) recently did a show on the legendary Chupacabra.

    I do LOVE this show,….you will too when you start watching it,…..however,…. be prepared when they test the OUTRAGEOUS, in their attempt to find the answers to a phenomena.

    The show starts out on the wrong foot as they look at a video, shot from a police, dashboard, camera and it shows what looks like,... a dog of some type.

    I mean without a doubt,….A CANINE OF SOME SORT.

    Somehow this film gets incorrectly labeled as a POSSIBLE Chupacabra,….and the video goes WILD on the internet.

    After the investigative team study the video of a dark-grey, small animal bounding along side of the road,…they head straight out to Cuero, Texas,…where a woman named Phylis Canion has in her possession, an actual specimen.

    Phylis said she found the animal dead and laying along the side of the road.

    The picture of the creature shows a pathetically thin body, small in stature, (around 35-40lbs) near hairless ( possible mange)… blue/grey skinned, large snouted, canine.

    The animal was then picked up and taken home to her ranch, where the original body is still kept in the freezer to this day. The skin was taken off and used to make a recreation of what the living animal once looked like. The taxidermist then mounted the specimen in a realistic pose.

    Once again,….the animal CLEARLY LOOKS like a canine,…in every conceivable way. My guess while watching the show,.. was a coyote/…… something.

    In trying to solve the case of the original video, the “F Team” try the following,……

    1.)- They bring in a miniature horse and have it gallop along the side of the road. It gets filmed in the same manner of the original,…in a car, with a camera on mount, in about the same viewing position.

    RESULT---It LOOKS like a HORSE ( an extremely cute one, I might add) running along the side of the road.

    2.)- They have a Peruvian Inca Orchid dog brought in (which are raised and bred in the area) and get the dog ready to film. This dog looks REMARKABLY SIMILAR to the creature on the video, labeled “Chupacabra” on the police cam.

    The Peruvian Inca, is then encouraged to run along the side of the road and is filmed in the same exacting manner.

    RESULT--- It looked like the original police video,… IN EVERY WAY,...except the snout of the Peruvian was much smaller than the creature in the video.

    3.)-The (very enjoyable group of “F Team” members) rounds out their testing with sending in tissue samples from Phylis Canion’s acquired animal carcass. A thorough DNA test is properly conducted by an outside lab.

    RESULT---The DNA tests determine, that the creature is in fact a hybrid mix,… between a Coyote and a Mexican Grey Wolf.

    They did a remarkable job in classifying a new breed of animal,…which is AMAZING in itself,…………...BUT IT IS NOT THE CHUPACABRA.

    The Chupabra is NOT A CANINE.


    Ask any first year veterinarian they will tell you HOW a canine eats. They CHEW,….TEAR,….PULL,….CHOMP,….RIP,…..THEY EAT THEIR FOOD.

    The Chupacabra DOES NOT. It sucks out the contents of the body through small holes in the victim. THE REAL CHUPACABRA,… leaves a HOLLOWED OUT carcass.

    No tears,……no rips of the flesh.

    The canine that they continue to show as a Chupacabra,….does NOT IN ANY WAY match the descriptions that have been given by the numerous eyewitnesses.

    The “F Team” was correct in labeling this mystery as still UNSOLVE & UNEXPLAINED.

    They understand a canine does not eat it’s prey by sucking out the contents of it’s body,.. through two small holes.

    You have to put this show on your MUST WATCH LIST,… will LOVE IT.