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The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is an extremely old and spooky structure, built sometime before 1145, in Gloucester shire, England. A 5,000 year old Pagan burial ground, lies directly underneath the Ram .....and ley lines intersect at this very location. Human Bones are still being found within the dank earth of the lower levels of the building,..and also within the very haunted barn.

The Ram is ranked as the most antediluvian structure still standing in Wotton-Under-Edge. In 1145, records state that the Ram was being used as a church house, and this is actually where the bishop resided.

Sometime between 1145-1350 the Masons (As in secret society club) took up residence at the Ram, while building St. Mary's Church located nearby. Mysterious tunnels were created to link St. Mary's and Lacock Abbey to the Ancient Ram. The tunnels lead from the fireplace, (in the bar area of the Ram) out to the massive stone structures.

It is believed that the Ram was originally about three times larger, then what remains standing today.

The very earth is scarred by the myriad of atrocities that have taken place here.....from
Pagan human devil worship....heinous murders and devastating disease.

Just about every kind of repulsive human act has played out here.

Though the list of owners is long, currently it is owned by John Humphries, who purchased the Inn in 1968, and it is now his private residence. (Brave man,...don't you think?)

When guests came to visit the Humphries family, many frantically escaped by climbing out of the upper floor window, in the middle of the night..... rather then stay until morning.

Mr. Humphries is the only one left in his family who still resides in the home. The rest of the family moved out a long time ago. The family sites personal reasons, however all do agree, the Ancient Ram has tremendous negative energy and is extremely haunted.

 Mr. Humphries is known to sleep with his bible right next to him at all times.

One of the most frightening things about the Ram is it's association with a negative entity known as the Incubus.

An Incubus is an evil, male demon who attacks female humans while sleeping and engages in sexual intercourse with them.

 Male humans are not spared this horrid interaction, for while they are sleeping a female version, called a Succubus, will forcibly take what she wants, from the helpless man. The person who is under attack, will become paralyzed, during their sleep and can not fight off the putrid attacker. You can not move or scream,...but experiencers will tell you they were aware of the entire event.

Legend states that the famous Merlin, was the child of a nun, who was attacked and impregnated by a Incubus! The word, "Incubus" Latin and actually means........NIGHTMARE.

According to John Humphries, the Incubus is still making the rounds at the Ram and it is sure to give those who brave a night there, some horrific nightmares.

The Ghost Adventures crew did a lock down episode at the Ram recently and during the tour, in the Bishop's Room............ Zach winces and starts to get pain in his head. The owner, John is seen at the same time with his hands in a claw like pose and he says, "Something is trying to get into me!" The owner then has to leave the room and compose himself.

After taking a break, John goes on to explain to the G. A. Crew, the many ghostly happenings at the Ram over the years, .........such as pictures falling off of the walls, voices speaking, cats meowing, children laughing and people ACTUALLY being picked up and thrown while in the barn.

Some of the EVPs that are captured by the Ghost Adventures investigators, are as follows..............

"It's coming."

"I don't like you."

"Hate you."

"Don't tempt me." --This is in response to Arron saying in a taunting manner,"Do it to me!"

At the end of the show, Zach tells the viewing audience, that after he left the Ancient Ram Inn and went to sleep that night, he indeed had a nightmare. In the dream, a frightening woman with long hair and long nails was scratching at him. When he woke up, Zach had 3 scratches on his neck! (That is totally freaky.)

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Want more information on the Ancient Ram Inn? The following site contains a long list of ghosts that have haunted the Ram, a list of previous owners and current events at this very, very, creepy location.

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