Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is this the body of the Lock Ness Monster?

Is this the body of a Loch Ness Monster?

A 1977 photo of a body, found in the waters of New Zealand.

The above picture is what most people describe when they report seeing a lake monster.

The first two photographs show the body of a creature, caught in fishing nets, in the waters of New Zealand, back in 1977. It shows a small head, long neck and tail, paddle like fins, a full heavy body, in a state of decomposition.
The creature strongly resembles what people have described seeing in Scotland, Canada, United States, Argentina,Turkey, Africa and even North Korea. The famous "Lake Monsters" have been seen, reported, photographed and video taped around the globe.

After being caught in the fishing nets, the mystery creature was hoisted up out of the water, where it fell onto the deck of the boat. The crew of around 17 men gathered around and tried to determine what they had found. The crew all agreed, it was like nothing they had ever seen before. Michihiko Yano measured the animal at 33 feet long and documented it's weight at 4,000lbs! Samples of the fin were taken, before the very odorous body was dumped back into the ocean.

The analysis of the samples suggest that the body was most likely a shark,...... however most who view the photographs think the tapered ends of head and tail, look more like a Plesiosaur then a shark.

A creature that resembles a Plesiosaur, is what thousands of eye-witnesses have reported seeing in the regions that have rumbles of "Lake Monsters."

In Lake Champlain, located in the United States, lives the lake monster lovingly called, "Champ. "It was first seen and reported in 1883 and has been seen over 300 times since then.

In Lake Okanagan, located in British Columbia, lives "Ogopogo." This lake monster was first sighted in 1860 and the sightings continue to this day!

In Lake Nahuel Huapi, located in Argentina, is the creature called, "Nahuelito" by the locals. Documented in the press for the first time in 1922, but the verbal reports go back into the 1800's.

In Lake Tianchi, North Korea, is the same type of animal, called "The Tianchi Monster" or " The Chonji Monster." It was first documented as being witnessed in 1903 ......and the sightings continue to present day.

Plesiosaurs supposedly went extinct in the Cretaceous Period.........but that hasn't stopped people from around the world, ....................... from seeing them!

So, what does the creature look like to you?

The following link is a 3 minute video of the most famous photos taken of lake monsters.

Want to see "Champ?" Here is a 7 minute video, with the BEST PHOTO of Champ ever taken.

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