Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Are Coming

Norway Spiral

More are coming 

As the changes take place in our mind, body, spirit, our earthly home, the ether around the planet,…… many more beings will begin arriving to see the great show.

Here we go!

The dark ones, the cabal,…. or some of you may know them as the Illuminati, are slowly but surely losing their control. The grip that they held upon the planet, which crushed both spirit and life,… is loosening,… and they will surely be brought to justice. A flurry of resignations will continue to be seen, along with arrests of those who are guilty of crimes against the people of Earth.

Heaven has ordered increased participation from those who are currently assisting us,... including the Elohim and the sacred Seraphim. Many ascended Masters have their energies here with us now.

Let me say that again. The great masters (of whom many of the worlds religions respect and follow) who have walked in the physical upon our reality, and spent their existence teaching peace, love, truth, compassion, ARE ON THE PLANET NOW!

Our planet is growing moving and changing, on every level,….. and we are moving from a state of darkness and low heavy vibratory energy,… into one of light.

Very soon, our financial and political systems are going to alter greatly. As the cloaks of disguise fall down, people are aghast by the truth that is being shown to them and worldwide people are demanding change.

High on the agenda for humankind, is to move our race back into full consciousness.

The lies and separation that you have been taught, will finally be set straight.


The military will be working with police to conduct mass arrests around the world. The arrests are already happening against the black alliance, who were major players upon the world stage. The ever changing 'NOW'....has been effected by the flurry of activity upon our planet. Humans have responded enmass, and are doing the the work of positive, emotional focused attention, for the harmonic energies to come to our earthly home. (This is what enabled the speedy assistance of the higher vibratory realm to work so quickly. See,....I have told you time and again how important you are in this unfolding,....and now you are seeing results! Please keep up the super fantastic focus work!)

Caretaker governments are to be set up, and the prosperity that was ill-gotten by the few, is to be returned to the people of the world. Individual sovereign rights that have been sneakily signed away, are to be reinstated,... along with debt forgiveness,.. and a new fair, sound financial system.

In the second week, of the interim governments being put into place,... full disclosure of your space family is to be made to the lineage of earth. 

Our cycle of duality,…. is about to end. We are receiving
so much in the way of assistance, from beings in the higher vibratory realm. An exceedingly vast amount of work is being done, where your physical eyes cannot see, to pave the way for the new.

Our consciousness is growing every day. It will continue to raise higher and higher as the coming weeks and months pass by. Our space family,…. the ones who mean our most high spiritually, will be working with us, to assist humanity into becoming galactic beings. We are on the edge of such great change,…. it’s hard to put into words.

Since dropping down from the higher dimensions,… we have created a reality that is not true to our nature. Not one spirit who has walked upon Mother Earth, was ever forced to come down to this level. It may be hard for you to understand, but you volunteered for this mission. You did this, because of the fantastic amount of learning that can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. No matter how far you strayed from the divine path of light, your spirit knew that the time would come, when you would be called back into alignment

The dark ones have manipulated and distorted many of the worlds religions. In with the truths of divine light, which were to be taught to the people of the world,…qualities such as,…. peace, love, compassion, truth, freedom, equality, harmony, patience, integrity,…. they (the black alliance) have manipulated in their words of falsehoods.

Meant to create separation, the dark ones have interwoven into the Golden Truth,….ego, a hierarchy of classifications, and blame.

A complete recasting of our history will be told. Humans are to know the truth of who they are and where they come from. The concepts of the golden path, that you are to understand, will be re-taught,…… minus the innuendos, falsehoods, condemnations, and in-equal separation that were previously and purposely inserted by the dark.

People are to know that Mother Earth is indeed a living being. Our relationship with her must adjust and change to become one of respect

That time is now.  

Nothing will be allowed to stop the ascension, for those who are ready.

It has been divinely ordered.

Those who are sensitive, can already feel the changes begin. Feelings of love, are welling up within you,…and you feel a connectedness to the Family of Earth. The great, deep dreaded feelings of fear,… are washing away from you,…as the true understanding of your eternal spirit, takes hold.

The old paradigm is falling hence. It is being replaced by the NEW, which we are all creating together.

 It is already happening.

 As people continue to do their positive meditative focus,… for the earth they WANT to see,… it is being created in the ether. The Star Seeds,….are anchoring this new energy into their hearts, and sending it down into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

Star Seeds, play an important role, as they hold this transformative energy, like living batteries for our planet.

Love,… the most powerful of all energies,…. is in the process of coming at you from every direction. Accept and absorb these beautiful energies into your being.

The more people who come together while absorbing and projecting the energies of love,….the more power we have…and as it grows, we can literally change our reality in a flash.

The time is now to know your power. You are a being of light,… and you must start to see yourself,… in your minds eye as a mighty beacon of light. As you see yourself this way, your light will reach out to others,….. and you will begin attracting,….. other beings who are vibrating at a higher rate. This in turn helps the entire vibratory field of the whole planet.

Try your best,.. despite what you see unfolding around you, to remain positive and filled with hope for our future.

A soul that is not ready for the higher vibrations, can not force it’s way into this realm. Each spirit is moving at its own tempo,… and they cannot move into a higher realm, if they are not in harmony with that vibration. Every being on Mother Earth has equal opportunity to hear and learn this information, and ready themselves, if they so choose for a transition. If someone, who is close to you,…chooses not to raise their vibratory field into one of love,… try to respect their decision, as it is made of their own free will.

A love connection, is never truly broken,… and anyone who you love or have loved,…. can always be seen again. Even in death, a loved one can be very near to you, even though you cannot see them with your earthly eyes.

Celebrations of delight and blissfulness are right around the corner. Even though there is much to look forward to,…. we still have arduous times to get through. 

The evil ones who are constantly seeking more control,… and never-ending war, are being closely monitored by the multifarious races of the higher vibratory field. Their war efforts, have been stemmed many times, as they have continued plots to keep the masses embroiled in self-sacrifice.

Repetitive attempts to start a nuclear war have been flat-out stopped by the beings of the higher vibratory realm. Entire aerial fleets have been taken out of the air,…. their pilots removed for retraining,…. and their heavily armed jets stanched from initiating a world war. Spy planes have been lifted out of the air and set down.

The family of Earth is being given great assistance,…. as the underground tunnel system between Washington DC and Colorado,…have been rendered inoperable. What many thought was an earthquake on the East Coast quickly followed by a quake in the Denver area, … was actually a blast created for the sole purpose of destroying the tunnel system used by the black alliance and the negative forces they have aligned themselves with. If you refer to the seismic graphs of the event, you will quickly see they do not match those of a natural earthquake,...however the vibrations match up with recorded explosions.

The evil ones will not be allowed to destroy humanity. They have many nefarious plans, and they continue at every turn.

Those who have set themselves up to be entrusted by humanity,… have in fact been working against the people of the world behind the curtain  

Certain Earth changes,… will NOT be stopped,…as they are considered necessary, in the cleansing that must take place. Specific areas of the earth will be more prone to these great modifications.


As the ascension process unfolds,…. the alters will continue around the globe. Mother Earth has been reaching outside of herself,… and speaking directly with the Creator. You may have been one of the many on the planet who is hearing the earth groans,...rumbles,...and bursts, as the physical changes are perceived on the surface.

The planet has moved nearly 2. 0 degrees so far. This is in direct result of energies that are coming through our central sun, and arriving from our galactic core.

The additional energy that is flowing towards us, is putting additional pressure on our grid. This same energy that is arriving towards our planet, is also affecting all the other water worlds. Everything is moving towards a great changing element.

This shift is a moment in time when our own solar system lines up with the rest of the galaxy. This creates an allowance to alter the fundamental coil shape of the galaxy.

It then permits our galaxies reality grids to come into a cadence type of alignment with the 350,000 other galaxies (give or take a handful, giggle.) that are from this particular section of physicality. (You can't begin to imagine how infinite the cosmos actually is!)

Mother Earth who nurtures all upon her body,…. feels confident, that the majority of life upon her is ready for the next phase. A great call has gone out, to all systems of creation.

The next aspect in Earth’s ascension is being greatly anticipated by the many races who are on their way to our planet now.

Do you remember the Norway spiral 2009?

Well,…. you are about to see another large spiral,….. as these other dimensional beings,.. come to earth’s reality in the next several weeks.

Numerous politicians along with the heavily controlled media will for the first time begin to speak to the public about the Illuminati. You will hear discussions about their control, and how they must be dismantled for the good of the family of earth. (Thus the arrests I spoke about.) This is so going to shock the people who are still relying on the television and large corporate owned newspapers for their intake of information.

Also on the agenda in the coming months, is our Agarthan cousins. One of the doorways that leads to inner Earth,…. is located in the deepest tunnel system. As this information about the Agarthan inhabitants is discussed in public, it sets the stage for further disclosure.

The Agarthans will be working closely with humankind to set up a new society. This race grasps and understands us well, as many have been on the surface of the planet and working with humankind for the past 13 millennia. Information about who they are is kept quiet, however you may have sat down at a restaurant and sat across the aisle from one of your Agarthan family members, and not even known it. After new technologies are introduced it will be important to address the climate, as it is rapidly changing our planet. The healing of Gaia, will require worldwide open interaction with the races of the higher vibratory realm.

Mass landings are just around the corner, so keep yourself and your loved ones in a state of preparedness. Stay alert and aware to what is happening around you,…. and above all else keep your focus on the most high of vibrations. As this helps those,… who are trying to help us.

Waves of love and blessings to you,… my Earth family!

Be peace,…. and keep your heart focused on love. ♥

Here is a 5 minute video on the Norway Spiral, which took place in 2009. Get a good look, you are going to see it again very soon.

This list found on Facebook, chronicles all top level resignations since the start of 2012.
Presented below are four categories you will find on this site:

  • Banking & Financing (includes insurance)- 326
  • Government (includes public services & churches)- 176
  • Companies & Businesses- 271
          Current total of- 773


The earth is moving and shifting as are we, in our spiritual and physical bodies. So much is occurring where your physical eyes can not see. Humanity is being gently awakened, to a new reality that is just around the corner. The evil energies that seek to manipulate and control, and the higher energies that seek to bring in the love and light are at contrast.

This three minute video is taken at about 3AM, where residents are aroused from sleep, and stand with video in hand, while listening to perplexing sounds, that seem to come from everywhere.

YOU ARE IN IT NOW, people.

Stay alert, and prepared,....and KEEP you focus on the most high of vibrations, as it is greatly changing our world.


Mystery sprial:

Another mystery spiral made a dramatic show over the nighttime sky in the Middle East.

This spectacle took place on Thursday night, June 7, 2012.

The people were understandably concerned over what they were witnessing as a flurry of reports were called into police stations, describing in detail what took place.

Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Jordan, and numerous other countries documented this occurrence.

The Israeli defense forces stated, “ They were unaware of any military operations in the area.”


Video,... about one minute long.


  1. I came across this from an insider, and thought it was something to share.

    "All true information.

    I live in Washington D.C. where 'they' are all in a fright and have said our planned new world order is NOT going to happen and we can't escape to the bunkers or space we are screwed."

  2. The arrests of criminal bankers, started in other countries many weeks ago.

    So, yes it is all happening.

  3. I've been looking this stuff up about the arrests around the world.

    It seems the black ops guys are tired of serving under the Mafia like control, of the evil at the top.

  4. In regards to the spiral seen over the Middle East, Russia did announce that they test launched a topol-m mobile ICBM on the same night. Many have immediately jumped to use this to explain the mysterious sighting which was seen as far as the border between Israel and Lebanon. However I see many inconsistencies that make this impossible. 1. Israel said there was no known military activity near or over their air space on the night in question. 2. Russia in announcing their launch, said it was launched from southern Russia, and landed precisely on target in Khazhakistan. I realize that either of the two could be withholding the truth, but based on historical fact, unless the missile went radically off course, it was nowhere near Israel. If it did in fact fly near Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces have sophisticated tracking radars for their Arrow anti-ballistic missile defense system, and if the Israelis didn’t shoot the missile down, there would certainly would have been a massive diplomatic row. Also the Russians would not have allowed the missile to veer so far off course without self destructing it. The Topol-m is a mobile missile with a steerable warhead designed the defeat the Obama-Nato missile defense, aka. Star wars system being constructed in Poland. The Russians have tested the Topol-M before, from unclassified western intelligence, the launches take place from Kapustin Yar, in south eastern Russia, and most missile launches go east, and end near the town of Arkalyk in Khazhakistan. This jives completely with the official Russian statement. Kapustin Yar is over 1200 miles from the Israeli border, that is as far as from Boston in the USA to St. Louis. I cannot imagine any way possible for such a launch to have been seen so far south. The question remains then, what was the Spiral?, it remains a huge mystery, and should be properly categorized as a UFO.

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  6. Guidance and assistance is coming from MANY ALIEN RACES AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME.

    The Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, worked fast and bravely in shutting down and dismantling a multitude of nefarious underground bases. The Black Alliance told the surface family of earth that these events were earthquakes,....THEY WERE NOT.

    HAVE NO DOUBT, without their much needed help this planet would have been completely lost to those of evil intent and lower vibrations.

    Some of the highest ranking elite, simply.... ARE NOT HUMAN! It is time to understand the genuine reality you are in.

    That is why this insaneess of war, murder, disease, control, division, manipulation, has continued for so long upon the people of earth.

    WE ARE MANIPULATED BY OUTER FORCES, that need to live in a low vibration.

    The time has indeed arrived for the great change.

    Creator Source, The Isness, God, The Oneness, Prime Creator (what ever you feel comfortable acknowledging as the original Creator) decreed the shift.

    This in fact has resulted in benevolent highly spiritually evolved beings arriving in droves to assist humankind.

    The technologies that they bring will greatly change the way we live upon Mother Earth.

    Our future is to be one of peace and oneness, living in love and freedom,....something we have not had as a species for a very long time.

    The Reptoids(and their biologically created minions)... the Greys, are (for the most part) rebels and have no respect for humans, as earth is just a resource to them.

    Humans must begin to come together in their minds and hearts to restore freedom to our planet.