Thursday, March 15, 2012

It Begins Now

Many of you reading this have already awakened to what is occurring in our world.

It begins now

The world is going to change greatly and it will be according to our hearts generated desire.

The dark alliance who have lived their lives in service to self and have been in control of humanity for centuries have slowly and methodically taken over all planes of society. Their actions have been appalling, disgusting, and shocking to those who are just finding out about their horrors. They have behaved as if they will never suffer an accountability and place themselves above the laws of the land.

This alliance uses central banking as a way to control their yes-men and puppets. Their revelations for a world they desire get handed down to psychopaths who act without compassion upon the world’s populace.

The military, mainstream media, big business, and education are all under their dictate.

With the money machine printing out unlimited amounts of currency, they have been able to subjugate much of the world’s populace.

Integrity is NOT a part of their character. In fact they pilfer, create deceptions, practice dishonesty with those around them, blackmail, manipulate, harass, browbeat, plot, deny absolute truths, and create false friendships for the sole purpose of controlling a certain outcome.

As the waves of information pour over you,..... you are first overwhelmed, then you are numbed by the enormity,.... then you then sit frozen in shock as you realize the veracity of it all.

The systems in place around you have all been integrated to keep your spirit from knowing who you truly are,… to make you feel terrified,…..and overwhelmingly helpless.

You see keeping humans in fear, creates a low vibratory realm and this is what evil needs to survive in. By creating nonstop war, murder, needless death, created disease, fake events,….. the dark ones are manipulating the populace into lowering the earth’s vibration. This creates a comfy habitat for the evil that they serve.

I know many thoughts are running through your head as you learn these truths. Like,…. how can this happen? What about my family? What can we do?

How can evil be so large, grid like, and encompassing?

As your mind absorbs all it can handle, the numbness wears off and is replaced by anger as you think about your friends and family who have sacrificed their very lives because of stage deceptions.

Always at ready are the patriotic songs, flag-waving, and pageantry that brainwash the masses into self-sacrifice. If people truly knew who was behind these theaters of blood,…. there wouldn’t be one person in line around the world to participate in any war.

You probably wish at this point to go back to sleep. That it’s better that you not know. You may even think it would be easier not to know,…. However that’s not correct. It is very important for you to be awake and aware,….. for the old must dismantle for the new to begin.

Liberty and success belongs to your spirit and always has,……for as a being of light,…… it is LOVE,…. and only love,…. that completes our nature.

You are given a Divine promise,….you are being led to information which takes you behind the veil of the surface world,….so that you may see with clearness,… the holy purpose for which your life was originated for. YOU are part of a great transformation, … is the world.

A new sphere is to be obtained through the ascension of the planet. This will be entirely a new dimension.

We are within the range,.. of the nine dimensions.

The recipe for this unfolding involves our supreme dominion of who we are, standing strong in our divine birthright. Knowing this information about yourself will commence important and specific principles,…..which in turn creates the arrival of the NEW.

You are very near now the long foretold time,…. The Arrival.

As you continue searching,… information will come to you from every angle. Your awareness of the universe is going to grow greatly. For when you ask,.... you shall receive. As you seek to know more,…. you shall.


Our physical being, the planetary economic system, the complex, worldwide interrelationships are all in a period of cleansing.

All of the squelched feelings,….uneasiness,….. sadness,….melancholy,….that we have been forced to endure in this obscure and dim realm, are in the process of being released.

As a sovereign being, our divine rights are not removable. We are undiluted souls of the light and our souls can NOT be bought, bartered, or transferred.

We have absolute license of our life. Each being is part of the eternal, which is SOURCE of all that is.

You are always in complete dominance,… is a farce, a delusion, (that the dark would like you to believe) that you can be in debt to another being.

How can you be in debt to another,… when you are a part of THE ALL?

This is the key,….. YOU are one with ALL and in UNION with source,……. and as the TRUTH is known,…. you are set FREE.

The honesty that joins, shares, and gives to ALL is the Oneness.

The dark ones practice control, division, fear, and absolute evil upon the populace. Mind games are continually practiced to guide the masses into acts which satisfy the lower vibratory realm.

We are not of this world, those who seek love, peace and light. As the awakened,…you understand that you are free, and an important co creator in our reality. You KNOW you are directly connected to all that is.

The ones of the higher vibratory realm, the teachers of light, and the Angels are guiding you as you walk upon the lighted path, in this important timeline.

The changes that are coming, will rain down with amplitude on every plane, UNTIL the world comes together and RISES UP.

The world will reorganize following the thoughts and desires of the family of Earth.

The days of ‘certain ones’ having any sort of power over you will be gone. The command of these dark, infinitesimal, and power hungry groups is growing weaker by the day.

It is the authority of the collective family (the awakened ones known as the Kindred) who will change the planet in a direction of TRUTH and light. They will also bring in new and higher technologies for the world. These technologies are necessary for the curing of Mother Earth, who has been inflicted with poison, pollution, and raping wounds.


It can never be stated enough,…. that you are here for a purpose,….. in this very attenuate timeline.

You must go out to find,… and create relationships where this important information can be shared. It is the duty of the awakened to assist others with the TRUTH,… so they can be taken out of their current state of depression over what is occurring around them and brought back into a position of empowerment.

Those of you who resonate with the messages of light are the Kindred.

You have within you the power to be more,… ever-expanding,…. greater, forever growing in knowledge.

Our current Karma, is such that we will reach break down and resolution in THIS life experience.

There are others on the planet that NEED to be awakened,…and this must be done NOW. These souls are important and YOU have the ability to reach them with the TRUTH of our time line. This must be done quickly.

Please don’t resist the coming changes,…for they are needed for the healing of the planet. Let's concentrate upon a very gentle transition.

The timings have been long set,….and they will occur. If they are held up,.. the replacing could become much more determined,…..(rather than a gentle shift)…resulting in greater earthquakes, severe hurricanes, record breaking wind gusts, plethora of lightning strikes, torrential rains, hail, and tsunamis.

The rumbling you feel beneath your feet should NOT be ignored,…… for this is mother Earth becoming impatient and wants to see the changes occur with haste and cogency.

For those of you who have read this write up,….and know you are members of the Kindred,…the time to act is now.

You must inform others,… and be the guide to the lighted path. The information you relay, will open up people’s hearts and minds, so we many evolve together with the expanding of the galaxy.


Earthquake Increase, and the rumbelings beneath our feet,.......

In this brief video, (about 5 min.) the gentleman known as Dutchsinse,… tells us about the fantastic increase in earthquakes around our planet.

Even though Dutch is mourning the loss of his stepfather, he still takes time out of his day to inform the people in our world, what is occurring around us.

Dutch,... you are another genuine HERO in our world.

The East Pacific Rise, has suffered a number of large earthquakes recently, which is relatively rare. Dutch is giving us a heads up, while monitoring this activity, and tells us to watch out for the West Coast, the New Madrid seismic zone, and Puerto Rico.

The Pacific Ring of Fire, it’s ablaze with increased quake activity. In the video, you will see a detailed 3-D rendering of these quakes.

India, Japan, New Madrid seismic zone, the West Coast of the United States, and the Pacific Northwest (near Vancouver Island) should all be on alert.

We send you tremendous waves of love Dutch, and gratitude, for your emotional and tireless vigilance, on the dangers that affect the family of earth.

In this next video (about 20 min.) you will hear the spooky earth sounds that have been recorded from around the planet.

There are numerous pages developing on the web about these planetary wide earth sounds. Here is one, if you would like to leave your account of bizarre sounds and earth rumblings.


  1. I beleve the strange earth sounds are the shifting of the tectonic plates, and that this shifting is responsible for making these loud, eerie magnetic sounds.

    When you rub magnets (negative) and (positive) you will hear a comparable sound.

  2. UPDATE:

    April 11, 2012- Earthquakes rock the planet

    POSSIBLY THREE 8.0 magnitude (and higher) earthquakes in Sumatra ranging from,... 8.9M , 8.7M, 8.2M, plus a 6.0M.

    Also a 7.0M occured off the west coast of Mexico (recently downgraded to a 6.5).

    Next on the list of quakes you were previously warned about, is a 6.0 magnitude, off the coast of Oregon.

    This is trememdous movement on earth and it took place in less than one single day.

    Keep alert and aware.