Friday, June 8, 2012

Sleeping Lions roar,... Freedom Vote



And when the sleeping lions rise,
Against the waves of corruption, greed and lies.....
The many find they are against but a few,
Of those who have stolen, while they looked down and ridiculed you.....
The set-ups and shams, for power-grabs and war,
Only lead to destruction, marching on,..wanting MORE..........
The lions have had enough, we’ve been kicked too many times,
While our freedoms, liberties, amendments have withered and died.....
We draw the line, slam our fist and say, "NO MORE!",
And WE THE PEOPLE, do this in unison, with a mighty ROAR!

By Kelly Horan

Freedom Vote:
Ok,…I know this may not seem paranormal to you, however what can not be seen is much stranger than you can imagine.

And as far as I can tell, our television sets have not only become useless in informing the people of earth of the truth about our reality,….. they have become downright detrimental in misleading the masses.
As the changes continue, the financial collapse becomes more and more obvious to even those who only read the major newspapers or follow mainstream news.

The Euro zone and America’s financial systems are imploding.

And,… as you have all learned by now,… the magic trick of the Cabal, is to distract you with one hand while the other is busy at work.

What does that mean?

Unfortunately, the past has shown us that distractions are never good. It is usually quite traumatizing and keeps the people busy looking at ‘someone else’, so that those who are truly guilty, can get away with their misdeeds.

It is a game played by the Black Alliance upon the family of Earth.

Those who wish to create chaos, to avoid the scrutiny of the public use war as a tool. In fact they cherish it so much (MAKE WAR) is written on their clubhouse walls.

What does the insanity of war get them?

* Power Grabs

* An open checkbook billed to the American people ranging in billions and even trillions of dollars.

* Redirection, a form of ‘mind control’ as the masses are once again focused upon an outer enemy.

* Population control, as it is looked at as a culling instrument by those who seek to depopulate the earth.


The root of all evil. Who was it that first said, “Always follow the money” ?

Our national debt is said by some,… to be 15.6 trillion!
This number is a variable, depending upon who you listen to. It has gone up 5.6 trillion in just this current Presidential term. (Shocking isn’t it?)

As people around the world sit and watch the Euro zone, wondering when the collapse is going to happen, other countries have decided to take back their own money system.

As we look upon Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, (the list goes on)… we begin to see some of these countries leaders being removed,… and replaced by bankers!
How long do you think the people are going to be satisfied being governed by a system that has shown itself to be completely corrupt? (As in, trillions missing in the United States, with no audit, and no accountability.)

Things such as 'Quantitative Easing 1 & 2' and ‘Operation Twist’ have greatly devalued the dollar. Printing money into infinity,…. simply makes the money you have already worked hard for,….. shrink up.

When the price of groceries goes up,…. and the price of gas and oil goes up, it results in a destabilizing effect upon any populace.

This is what we do NOT want, for us,…. or for anyone on the planet.

We are one Earth and one human family. Peace, harmony, love, and compassion are the only way.

Abundance, health, equality and freedom belong to every spirited  being.
As you surf the Internet, you’ll come across a myriad of groups who have sprung into action, while searching for solutions. From those speaking out for lost freedoms,….. to those demanding justice for crimes against humanity. You will find heroic people stepping up and doing their part, ......EVERYWHERE.
I came across a particular gentleman named ‘Drake’ who speaks with great concern about the situation we are in. He addresses the financial crisis, freedom loss (NDAA), and false flags used as trigger events.

Listening to Drake’s interviews (found on YouTube) I was filled with mixed emotions. The first was hope, that so many of our own military and police, are aware of the problems we face, and who is genuinely responsible for them,….. the second being sadness, at the obvious dividing point we find ourselves in.

There are those who are seeking a return of our freedoms, and a sound and just financial system that is subject to oversight and audits. Then there are those, who are satisfied with the status quo, and don’t wish to have their reality rocked, by knowing the truth.

Drake wants to know,…. what do you want?

I provided some links below so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with this information.

Please make up your own heart and mind, as I am simply passing this information along.

(Special Note; ladydragon page is NO longer taking the vote, as it has been extended until Tuesday June 12, 2012.)

6-17-12 LATEST UPDATE: The vote will continue to remain open to the people of earth. Any and all, who wish to take part and let their voices be heard, please do so.

The conditions have been outlined in plain language, for people to understand exactly what is being decided. Please read each and every condition, place your vote, then hit the vote button.

ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD CAN VOTE, AS THIS CONCERNS YOU ALSO.  Below are examples of some of the conditions, which are to be decided upon.

Please go to,.... to place your vote.

The vote is now titled,... 'The People's Command Vote.'

*A write up on these questions was provided on,.....

Here is an example of some of the questions presented by Drake on the vote page.

1- N.E.S.A.R.A. The National Economic Security And Reformation Act.

This offers financial freedom. Please read the history of NESERA for more in depth information at these 2 places

(Look up this information to understand it, then proceed to to vote.)

2- Release of ALL advanced technologies. The Collateral Accounts will be used to set up manufacturing and installation.

This offers jobs. There are between 6 and 800 of these that will change all our lives for the better.

3- Return to our founding Documents; 1787 Constitution + the original organic 13th Amendment/Article, The Articles of Confederation,

Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

This offers FREEDOM.

“A project was completed where individuals from various states filed a package containing these documents with The Court of The Hague.
This was a 'Notification Process' of We The People declaring our freedom once again to the world.

Those who requested the project were satisfied with the results.

I know a lot of people are concerned with their identities for this vote.

Believe me when I say the none of us have had ANY privacy for years...'they' know who you are already.

UNDERSTAND that the only thing that will be put out will be ONLY the numbers, nothing else.

As soon as we have the results I will send them to the right people...numbers ONLY.

I hope this clears the air on the subject of privacy and what I am doing.

I thank all who participate.”


In these interesting times we find ourselves in, please do not lose sight of keeping love ♥ alive in your heart. Continue to concentrate upon the world YOU WANT TO SEE.

Using your heart and mind to focus upon the reality we wish to see, is more powerful than any weapon. As we join up in the either with our emotional intent and circle the world with this energy, we the people of EARTH, will have the roar of the LION!

*Special notice on the vote. (6-17-12)

The vote is now open and will remain so, as per the latest update.

If you would like to keep up to date on the FREEDOM movement in the United States and how the entire country is jumping on board, please go to the new website,
and click on the 'shows' link at the top of the page.

Sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner, but the information only recently came to me.

Waves of love and blessings to you my Earth family! ♥♥♥

Update: The following link takes you to a headline stating that Rothschild is taking a rather large bet AGAINST the Euro. The dread continues to deepen about currency implosion.

(Video of headline is about 2 minutes.)

Petition to RE-DECLARE our Independence has been written. The name of this document is, 'We The People Now Re-Declare In 2012 The Declaration Of Independence.'

If you are even remotely aware of the evil that is hiding in our government, you must rise up and sign these very important petitions. (There are others that are speaking out as to the criminality in our corporate government.) Make your voice heard,....shake the trees, on the side of goodness,.....and be one of the heroes who make history by changing our reality to one of TRUTH, FREEDOM, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, PEACE, EQUALITY, and all the qualities that are part of the golden path.

Please go to,…-declaration-independence/0mtlLrYl?

and sign the petition!

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  1. As long as we have private, central banks, where the few control the many, you will be chattels, and subject to their will.

    Close the banks down. Drive them out of every country forever, and outlaw them from starting up again in any land.

    I say let the people print their own currency. Anything that represents value, like the Bitcoin or some other form of free energy coin that could be exchanged between people.

    Only when the evil bankers lose control of the money printing machines, will we know they are truely defeated.

    When that day comes the people will truely be free and live in abundance and peace on earth.