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Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Waverly Hills opened in 1910 for the ever expanding amount of tuberculosis patients and the structure immediately started upon the long road of never-ending trauma and death. Today it is considered one of the most haunted locations in the world. The enormous and impressive structure, looms over an isolated hill lined with trees, which stand like ancient, twisted sentries. Hideous Gargoyles sit perched atop the building, staring with their frozen expression into the great void. Currently without electricity, it is extremely dark inside , very creepy and loaded with graffiti sprayed throughout the interior walls.

You are guaranteed to get your haunt thrills here! Waverly has been featured on,.....
* ABC/FOX, with a show called "Scariest Places on Earth."
*Sci Fi Channel, with a show called "Ghost Hunters."
*Travel Channel, with a show called " Most Haunted" and more recently "Ghost Adventures."

Waverly Sanitarium closed it's doors in 1962, then later on in the same year it reopened as a geriatrics hospital. It closed for a final time less then 20yrs later, due to a multitude of reported patient abuses.

The structure under went many additions and reconstruction projects since it's opening in 1910 and finally mutated into the building you see today. While the main building was being built, a deep tunnel traveling more than 500' was constructed going from the bottom of the hill and travels (at a 45 degree angle) all the way up to the lower level of the building. The tunnel was constructed with steps on one side and a cart on a cable system on the other side. The original purpose of the tunnel, was to haul supplies with relative ease, up the hill and into the building. However, as patients started to expire at a shockingly rapid pace, it was decided that the tunnel would be used to haul away the dead as discreetly as possible.

The tunnel became known as,...... the body chute.

There are many conflicting reports as to the amount of people who perished in Waverly. The legend of Waverly, states 63,000 took their final agonizing breath within these walls.

Reports that can be found have actually documented a death an hour! Gruesome.

Also on the ground floor is the dreaded and much used morgue. The refrigerated units still sit eerily there, with spooky phrases now graffitied all over the surface.
On the show, Scariest Places on Earth, a group of girls were spending the night at Waverly, and while in the morgue, the girls pushed the body tray back into the refrigerator unit, they then proceeded to walk a few feet away, and the body tray pulled itself back out with a LOUD echoing sound, that vibrated right to your bones. Needless to say, the girls ran with blood curdling screams.
The fourth floor contains some very dark energy, as it is home to the dreaded Operating Room where so many people were horrendously butchered. Doctors which seem Medieval by today's standards would routinely remove up to 8 bones from the patient's ribcage, where they would then try to deflate the lungs. These people for the most part went on to quickly and painfully die.

Director of Security and tour guide for Waverly, Scott Gray, talks to the Ghost Adventures Crew of being physically attacked during a ghost investigation,.......where he says he was actually punched while sitting on a chair, positioned inside the O.R.
After this dreadful encounter, Mr. Gray now refuses to fully enter the Operating Room when giving tours,....going no farther than the doorway. Patrons of the ghost tour who have entered, complained of sharp headaches, and other sporadic pains within their body, until they exited the area.
Nick of the Ghost Adventures Crew, had an obvious look of distress upon his face and admitted to the viewing audience, that he was feeling pressure on his side, while filming inside this macabre room.
Also found on the fourth floor is a shadow entity known as the Creeper. It has been seen walking out of walls in an upright position,...... where it then falls to the floor, ......and has the shadow appearance of crawling upon four appendages. The Creeper proceeds to lurk around the floor,....then in an instant, crawls up the walls,.....and onto the ceiling. (Go ahead and say it,.......Ewwww.)

The 5th floor was the insane ward for the tuberculosis patients. Stories abound that a nurse was horrendously murdered by a patient in the bathroom of room #502.
The words " The killing room" and " bathed in blood" are painted on the wall as a chilling reminder of what took place inside that particular space.
Another grizzly event to take place around the infamous room #502, occurred directly in front of it. A deeply depressed nurse, who was unmarried and pregnant, discovered she had contracted the disease Tuberculosis. With an incredible feeling of hopelessness, she decided to end it all,...... and she hung herself,....leaving her bizarrely twisted neck and slowly spinning body for all to see.
The pain of this devastated woman was now clearly revealed to the world.

The many children of Waverly were cared for in a special department,....... and located outside, is a large roof-top area where swing sets were set up for those young ones who still had enough energy to play.

Former employees would relay stories of finding a large group of children, standing silently around the empty bed of a dead child,........who had passed away in the dark of the night. It was the first image the morning shift was present with when they arrived for work,.. on those frequent and especially grim days where the specter of Death had visited the night before.

Children mutely standing,.......staring, the bed where once their friend had layed.

If you have a "must see haunt list"...... this should definitely be on it.

The phenomenon include...........................................................................

*EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon).
*Whispers, laughs and screams for help, that can be heard without a recorder.
*Ghostly children reaching up and holding your hand, while you walk down the hall,.........and playing ball with visitors who bring in toys for them to amuse themselves with.
*Cold spots that appear and disappear without any logical explanation.
*Areas of the building that completely light up for an instant, even though there is NO electricity in the structure.
*The movement of shadow people that glide across the floors and in and out of walls.
*People who have visited have reported being physically touched and even SCRATCHED!

Want to see it yet?

Each year the building becomes a haunted house attraction for Halloween.

Can't wait that long?

Throughout the year there are guided historical tours,...... and for the brave there are guided ghost tours.
You can even make a request to stay overnight, and do a little private investigating on your own.

Go to for tour information.

Good luck if you go. Come back and let us know your experiences. I would love to hear about it.

Do you want to hear the spirits of Waverly talk?

In this very brief 2 minute video, Zak from the Ghost Adventures Crew, goes down into the morgue and lays down on the body tray. The other investigators leave the room and while alone,...Zak proceeds to say, "I'm starting to feel really, really lethargic." The spirit response caught on the digital recorder says, "Gonna get Zak."

Zak then says, "I feel like bodies are laying on top of me, stocked, I just can't move, I'm just frozen,........pressure on top of me, I'm on the bottom layer." One of the creepiest spirit voices you will ever hear responds by saying, "Your not gonna make it."

This is another brief 5 minute video by the Travel Channel, depicting this ghostly sanitarium. The Travel Channel takes us all over the world, and they love to give us the creepiest, scariest, most haunted locations on the planet. No surprise here,........Waverly makes the list.

Thank you Travel Channel,........have we told you lately that we love you?


October of 2010,.......Ghost Adventures investigated the sanitarium, and came away with a large amount of evidence, of the many ghosts that reside at Waverly.

Some of the evidence captured include,..........

* A full spectrum camera was placed on the 3rd floor and manages to catch a black shadow figure, that manifests before your eyes upon the viewing screen,.......then proceeds to walk directly into the wall. A second dark figure is spotted walking across the hallway, during the tape review process.

* An Energy Device is placed on the floor near room #502. When you come close to the unit, it emits a very distinct buzzing sound and lights up as soon as the energy field is broken. Zak then proceeds to say, "Are you standing right here?" The buzzer immediately sounds and lights up!

Zak then says, "Can you step away from the buzzer, so it can turn off?" A brief moment latter,........the buzzer shuts completely off. The entity responded intelligently to the instructions given,.............. not once,......but a second time.

Zak then says, "Do you like playing with this?" The buzzer sounds off again..

Zak, " Can you tell us your name?" The spirit response caught on the digital recorder, and heard by the group without the recorder replied with, "Remember Me?"

Zak, " Stay over here with me." Spirit reply, "That would be evil."

When the investigators left the area,............ all interaction with the lights and buzzer stopped also.

Other spirit voices caught on recorder,........................

*Zak, "Is there anybody in here with us?" Spirit response, "Give me a break."

*Arron, "We have a patient in here who needs some help." Spirit response, "I forgot to make him smile."

*Zak, while feeling something touch his ankle, says, "Are you close to me?" Spirit response, " I keep on dragging from the bad drugs we took. "

*Nick comes in to pull Zak out of the body tray that he had been laying in,.... and says to Zak, "Want me to pull you out?" Spirit response captured, " I'll keep him. "

*Zak, " Can you tell me what year it is?" Spirit response, "2010."

*Zak, " Make a noise for us please,...can you do that?" Several spirits respond, .....first spirit,........"Nurse,....come here,.....make my bed,.....nurse!" Second spirit responding, "He can't stop you."

*Zak, "Are you in here with us?" Spirit response, "Good luck tonight."

*Arron, "Did you die of Tuberculosis in here?" Spirit response is a long drawn out moaning sound. This lament was so loud, was heard clearly without the recorder.

*Arron, while filming and talking to the viewing audience, says, " I am spooked right now,......really spooked. I think like two drops of pee came out on that one for sure." Spirit response, "So what?"

*Zak, "Are you still trying to take peoples rib cages out?" Spirit response, "You got messed up heart beats."

This was an excellent investigation. Entertaining, exciting,......these men are emotional and respectful of one another, ....a pure joy to watch.

Simply a great investigating group.

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