Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preston Castle

The extremely haunted Preston Castle is located in Lone California. Formerly known as the Preston School of Industry, it is an old and well known reform school. The building opened it's doors in June of 1894.

The first group to arrive there were juvenile offenders that had been sent there from San Quentin State Prison. Many of the children who became wards of the state had no criminal back round what so ever, they were simply abandoned to the institution. The ages of the wards ranged from 12yrs. to 24yrs. Because of the criminal element, many gangs formed and the riots at the castle were numerous.

The children were taught blue collared skills and worked the grounds. There was even a slaughter house on the property where the boys were taught to butcher pigs!

There is a LONG list of ghastly events that transpired at the ancient looking castle. One of the many ghosts that is said to walk the halls..... is that of the head housekeeper. The body of the housekeeper was found in the basement, laying in a sticky pool of her own blood, after having been bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant.

Another frightening murder happened in 1965 within one of the many buildings on the property. The agriculture teacher was attacked from behind while he was working, by two students. The teacher's head was pummeled and crushed with a lead pipe, as the young troubled assailants took frantic and repeated blows. Absolutely gruesome.

26 other deaths are listed as suspicious in the official records.

graveyard is located on the grounds where many of the wards are buried, who had no one to claim their body upon death.

This castle is FILLED with disembodied voices. People have actually been possessed while in the buildings and scratched repeatedly,... leaving bloody scribbles oozing, upon their tender skin.
Knocks, footsteps and extremely loud bangs ,...are regularly heard. Black shadows and mists are frequently seen gliding throughout the many rooms and hallways.

Preston Castle closed it's doors officially many years ago and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.The building is very deteriorated in places and it is dangerous to tour without proper supervision, however experienced guides are available to give a rather safe tour of this spooky facility. The tours are available from 10am -- 2pm on the first and third Saturday of every month.

This is an extremely active and haunted site.
Recently the show "Ghost Adventures", shot a lock down episode and it aired on the Travel Channel. Here is the first segment of that show, giving you an inside view and an excellent history.

If you really want to hear ghosts talking and you are brave enough............. bring your digital recorder and go here!

Go to for more tour information.

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