Friday, June 12, 2009

Haunted Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island


This massive and intimidating fort was built in 1859 for strategic military defense, upon a small island located within the Delaware River, called Pea Patch Island.

During the Civil War, it was used as a prison for Confederate prisoners of war. Many of these inmates came from the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and by the end of the war, over 33,000 unfortunates were crammed into it's depressing space.

MANY ghosts are seen, heard and felt on this island. Male
ghosts, female ghosts and even a child's ghost live and haunt this spooky ground.

It is believed the child's ghost belongs to a youngster who died in a grisly fall, down a granite staircase near the fort's entrance. As is the case in so many instances like this, the physical space where the tragedy took place becomes visibly scared. The area where the child's body landed and met his sad demise, appears to be darker in color, than every other stone around it.

Ghostly sounds seem to emanate from everywhere on the property,...from a soft whisper directly into your ear, a far away moan that echoes off of the stone walls of the fort.
Other haunting sounds that have been reported at the fort include,................
*A woman's spirit,... who is unable to be consoled, can be heard  mournfully weeping.
* A child's ghostly laughter appears and slowly fades out,... as if the youngster is still running around the fort's grounds!
*Swearing in an angry voice is heard coming from the magazine area and the deep pitch of a man's menacing threats will send chills down your back,.... that is,..... if he talks to you!
* Haunting strains of music are heard piercing thorough another dimension, on what sounds like a harmonica and fife.
All of these events have been reported by many of the guests and most of the staff throughout the years.

During a recent episode of "Ghost Hunters" an ominous and loud voice said, "Your not suppose to be here!" The voice could clearly be heard without the assistance of a computer. This spirit was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, as he spoke more then once on the show.
When Grant and Jay said in a very provoking manner, " Do something .......and we will leave." The spirit responded by grabbing Grant by the back of his coat and shockingly pulling him backwards!
Upon trying to proceed with the investigation, Grant was grabbed and yanked backwards a second time!
Stories have been told by visitors, who have seen ghostly hands rising up out of the river surrounding the fort. This is the exact area where prisoners had attempted to escape, only to drown in the inky black depths. The last image seen of the dying men, were their hands reaching up pleadingly to the heavens.

Eerie faces can be seen peering out of the walls, where the cannons were located. It makes you wonder,....are these phantoms still searching for a way out?

Fort Delaware is spooky, historic and lives up to it's nickname as the Death pen! With more then 3,000 people dying on these wretched grounds, you are sure to bump into a ghost or two.
Want to see a full figure apparition? This tall, thin ghost is caught on a thermal camera during the Ghost Hunters live investigation of the haunted island. All members were accounted for and no where near the camera that caught this compelling video.
In this very brief video, you will see investigator Grant get pulled by an invisible hand. Ever see a ghost grab someone? Want to see one now?

Pea Patch Island has now been turned into a State Park and is owned by the state of Delaware. It is open to the public and can be toured complete with an escorting tour guide.

Lots of haunted tours are offered around Halloween.

Check out for information on dates and times.

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