Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Storms Rising

The storms of nature.

Waters begin to rise as the storms increase.

I know a lot of things have your attention right now, as we struggle through each day, trying to stay emotionally level while being in a state of preparedness for what may be around the corner.

This segment is going to be very brief, but before I warn you, I want to remind you once again of the importance of your energy. Your pure focused intent, can dramatically change any foretold outcome.

With the many of us working together, with our mental and emotional energy connected, we can create the reality we wish to see on this earth. I know I repeat this often, however due to the conditioning that people have been inundated with, many still do not understand this concept. It is too different from what they have been taught to believe is true. However,....this is how the universe operates.

With that said,….more severe storms are indeed coming.
The rains are going to begin, that will swell the rivers, cutting them deeper into the earth, and flooding farmlands across many areas.

Coastal regions are going to be hit with furious hurricanes.

The rising storms of war.

As people try to remove the horrible images of high tech fighting from their minds, the battles nevertheless still continue. The contending may take brief interludes but it is only to regroup and strategize some more.

The horribly depressing thought of war expanding further and escalating into wild scales, is triggering more and more light workers to awaken now.

This is a precarious time line, the overwhelming populous of the world desires harmony,....while war agendas continue to stealthly unfold their plan.

Much turmoil in the coming months,......the energy runs very high, so let's focus our intendment for earth in a positive direction.

So,.... this short segment, is just to prepare you for the variety of storms that lie ahead. If you live in a coastal area, know that the storms are going to increase in intensity. For those who live along a river, I’m sure you know by now how to prepare for flood waters.

Please do not forget your pets, when laying out your emergency plans.

Stay calm, and keep yourself centered and grounded to the earth. Use the magnitude of your mind to imagine an earth, that is beautiful, peaceful, abundant, free, harmonious, with tremendous love and compassion for every being upon our planet. With the emotion in your heart, extend that love and compassion out to the dear animal kingdom and the entirety of our living earth.

Always remember, nothing is engraved in stone. We have the ability to choose any timeline, or reality we want. So,... even though these storms are being foreseen, you must never forget your power.

That’s all for now, this was just a little blurb to prepare those whose minds are open.
I send you love and pray that you, your family, your home, and your dear animal friends are safe from all harm.

Keep love burning in your heart, despite the dread of a greater war looming and expanding out across the lands.

Peace and love to you my friend,....stay cosmic and work on opening your third eye, so you may see what your physical eyes can not.

In this video (about a minute and a half) you will see a sight that has not been seen by humans in a very long time,....and that is 4 FEET OF HAIL falling out of the sky, which resulted in massive flooding. It fell over an area North of Amarillo Texas, and people can't stop talking about the ultra extreme measure of this storm.


  1. Amazing!! Just a few days after this article was written, the rain caused Kentucky Lake to rise, and a boat carrying rockets for NASA struck and collapsed a very old bridge in western Kentucky.

  2. A swath of record breaking stoms, just cut across much of the United States in the Heartland region.

    The most SEVERE storms seen in a quarter of a century.

    To date 38 have died,...however their are some people still unaccounted for. Hospitals are filled with the injured.

    Hail, torrential rain, wind gusts, and tornadoes in the hundreds, laid towns to waste.

    I pray you and yours are safe from harm. Stay positive as we work through the earth changes together, and we can have a great effect upon any outcome.


    29,300 people evacuated after a highly bizarre, MASSIVE rain / hail storm, battered Min county for an hour on Thursday, May 10th, 2012.

    * Forty people were killed.

    * 18 missing.

    * 87 hospitalized.

    All of the county's 18 townships were devastated by this very brief but violent storm. Houses caved in,...farms were layed to waste,....roads blocked by flooding and debris,.....power and communication lines were downed.

    Out of the areas 450,000 residents, two-thirds of the populous were touched by this freak event.

    Very distressing for this much damage to occur,.. and in just an hours time!

    Love and healing to the people in China. We are a family on this earth and we need to assist one another through these times.