Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is The Land of The Free,......Still Free?

This is long over due,...but after hearing 'Internment Camp' mentioned by the New York Mayor Bloomberg,....and finding job descriptions online for the hiring of  ' INTERNMENT-RESETTLEMENT SPECIALISTS' ...I realized this thing is firmly in place and I need to look into it.

(See the link below that takes you to the site that is hiring Internment Resettlement Specialists.)

Well, apparently if you were caught out, in New York City when the hurricane Irene was due to hit,....and you got labeled a looter, were threatened with being hauled away to an 'INTERMENT CAMP.'


Yep, you read that correctly, sounds so bizarre, that it is hard to wrap your mind around.

In this write up we will look into,........
* Spying on citizens of the United States, by people that could be your own neighbor.
* Hundreds of secret concentration camps that have been built around the country.
* Coffins that are piled up to hold bodies.
* The fury of passing laws which steal away firmly established freedoms.
* Those who are publicly speaking out on this detailed and highly planned atrocity, against the American people.

I know,... I ask the same thing of you each time you read something that is extraordinarily distressful,.....but I am asking you this once again. Please,.. if you decide to read this, you must promise me you will read the write up called, 'Read this to re-empower yourself after learning a traumatizing truth.' (Found in the upper right hand side of the page.)

If you know you will NOT read the write up on how you can reclaim your power and restore balance to the great insanity that is stealthily unfolding before your eyes,.....then please DON'T read this. The reason being, if you won't do the mental and emotional work, counter balance the evil that is being worked against us as a people on this planet,....then you will add energy to the unfolding of this evil plan.

Information is power, which is why they are trying so desperately to censor the Internet. If you are limited to receiving information, which they already control,....they can control your perception of reality. If you only pay attention to the televised news stations and major newspapers,....then you will know where the all the sales are located, who won the little league game, who is getting a divorce, what ridiculous clown outfit is being pushed at the (so- called) fashion shows... and if it will rain tomorrow,....but that is about it.

So with the warning issued,.....please read on.

While searching for information on these camps, I came across a documentary, which ran on tru TV. Out of the thousands of write ups and videos,.....(of which many are fantastic)....I found this one to be thorough and straight to the point.

It starts out in Madison Georgia, where a monumental display of plastic coffins are stacked one atop of another,.....covering an enormous area, with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BLACK BODY BINS. Not limited to just Georgia,.....piles of these ominous boxes are being found by American citizens all around the country.

In the past few months, we have been inundated with images on the Internet, of Americans being physically abused, sprayed with tear gas, hit with batons, kicked with boots, shot with rubber bullets, and jailed, for peacefully assembling to have their concerns addressed, must realize something has gone terribly wrong. Not to mention being stripped searched in airports and arrested for video taping uniformed police who are interacting with the public.

 The grim look of these endless coffins begins to take us back to another time in history, where the people were stripped of their rights and treated less than human by those who were 'just following orders'. It doesn't matter that those orders came from a small psychopathic core group who managed to infiltrate their way into power. Planned acts of deceit against the people soon followed, so they had an excuse to make power grabs, and exterminate much of the populous.

Remember,.... Nazi Germany?

What is the old saying? History always repeats itself, which is why you should learn it, human travesty does not have to happen again.

A sweet and courageous American now steps forward with her personal story, of what is happening to our freedoms here in the USA.
Her name is Katherine Bliche, who hails from Missouri, and with concern in her voice she says, " I found out that an agency in my State, had issued a report, saying that I should be considered a threat to law enforcement."

Jesse Ventura, a true American hero, Navy Seal, former Mayor, former Governor,....says to Katherine, " What? Wait, wait, wait,......hold on,...let's back up a little. Katherine, who are you? Do you belong to a subversive group?"

Katherine, " No,"

Jesse, " Have you ever?"

Katherine, " No."

Jesse, " You haven't belonged to anything that the government would consider subversive,.... like the Hell's Angles?'

Katherine, " No,...I was a delegate for the state of Missouri, as a supporter of Ron Paul,......" (Dr. Ron Paul is a current Presidential candidate who wants to end all wars that America is currently involved in, bring our troops home, RESTORE all liberties, by sticking to the Constitution, and end the Federal Reserve. He would also get rid of many government programs, bringing the government back into it's place as a servant to the people.)

Jesse, " They labeled you a subversive,.....and all you were doing was practicing your First Amendment rights, in this country,......and you learned they put you on a WATCH LIST?"

Katherine, "Yes."

So canvasing for Presidential candidates,.....can now get you a label of THREAT? Doesn't sound anything like the America that I learned about in school. In fact it sounds similar to the very thing that FREE people fought against. The one thing we should all have on this planet, is the FREEDOM to CHOOSE.

What is happening to our Constitution? Who are these people that seemed to have gotten into the highest of levels, and are declaring American citizens,.....THREATS?

Katherine goes on to say, " Well,.. it actually involves the Department of Homeland Security, and these institutions that have been popping up all over the country called, FUSION CENTERS. Have you heard of those?"

(After the now infamous event of 9-11,........ many changes were allowed to take place by the American people. Out of horror and FEAR,....came the proneness to sacrifice freedoms our country was founded upon, and along with it came FUSION CENTERS, 72 of them,...set up by Homeland Security and the Justice Department.)

What are these 'FUSION CENTERS?'

They are positioned in major cities all over the nation, where they gather information from numerous government agencies such as, police departments, CIA, FBI, all military branches, NASA, NSA, and private sources. All this information is accumulated from the federal, state and local levels, while being sustained under the guise of 'preventing additional terrorism'. These groups work WITHOUT oversight. No one is set up to police the group,....that appears to have unlimited policing powers upon the populous. (Is that completely insane,...or what?)

Katherine goes on to say, " Well, I thought so at first, then we filed open records requests, got copies of eleven reports,......most of them were political profiling documents,.....and they profiled all types of ideologies and lifestyles."

So what is being profiled?

  Is it,....... you?

People have claimed they were being profiled for such things as,.....

* Being part of a large church.
* Pro gun ownership.
* Pro life.
* Supporting a third party, (which the inner circle doesn't control.)
* Believing conspiracy theories. (A formal paper has even been written by a member of Obama's team which speaks of the government BANNING conspiracy theorizing. Can you imagine the audacity of trying to control another person's thoughts?)
* Protesting.
* Attending certain colleges.
* As you now see in this write up,.....even being a delegate.

Sounds like a huge part of the American population to me.

When Katherine discovered she was a target, and labeled a threat,....she decided to find out what in the world was going on. Katherine says, " In Missouri, when I showed up to Governor Nixon's office, to submit an open records request, I was thrown out by highway patrol."

In the video, it shows a man stating in an ominous tone to Katherine, " I'm telling you to LEAVE this office." (Whatever happened to public servants, availing the citizens, whom they work for? Sounds like a corrupted roll reversal is taking place.)

Other video presented by Katherine shows an officer standing in a wide leg stance saying, " Take her into custody. Lock her up right now." While the police dog barks furiously in her direction, and Katherine is heard saying, " I am afraid of this dog. Please DON'T. STOP. STOP!"

Can you imagine an American citizen, who is trying to determine why she is being labeled a THREAT, by going to our elected public servant's office,....... and ends up being treated in such a callous, OUTRAGEOUS, and completely unacceptable manner?

It certainly seems to the people of the world,......well, least those who read the Internet,....that the titles of these organizations and operations seem to be the direct opposite of what they are actually about, based upon their actions.

Just surf the Internet of the hundreds of thousands of videos of police brutality. These uniformed people are mindlessly acting on orders, without the use of their own independent thought. Once again, just like Nazi Germany. This is exactly how massive crimes against humanity start. People JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS, WITHOUT deliberation as to WHY they were issued, WHO issued them, and if they violate the sovereign rights of a human being.

The police, are suppose to serve and protect the citizens of the United States, whom they work FOR, while they UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION of the United States. In fact, they take an OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION of the United States against ALL ENEMIES,....both foreign and DOMESTIC.
Yet,....every day across America, citizens are being violently assaulted, while committing NO CRIME! Protesting is not only ALLOWED, and PROTECTED in our Constitution, is ENCOURAGED. It is considered a check and balance, and gives the people the right to protect themselves against tyranny, which is bound to occur when collusion sets in.

In fact the Constitution states:

"Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the FREE
EXERCISE thereof or abridging the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or of the PRESS, or the RIGHT of the people peacefully to ASSEMBLE, and to PETITION the government for a REDRESS OF

No local, sneakily passed ordnance or law,......comes BEFORE THE CONSTITUTION of the United States!

Thank the Creator in the heaven above, that we still have good people in our government and in the enforcement agencies, as many step forward with the truth about what is going on.

Former FBI Terrorism Specialist, Mike German,.... comes forward to speak to Governor Ventura and he says, " They developed in such secrecy, (speaking of the Fusion Centers) with NO GUIDELINES and NO OVERSIGHTS. The public really has NO way to hold these institutions accountable."

What happens with any group when they are given God like powers over the masses,....and no one to reign them in? We all know the answer to this question,......outrageous abuses.

Mr. German goes on to say, " Where they start collecting things that aren't necessarily reasonably associated with criminality,......that's where problems start. In some programs, even EXPRESSING extreme views."

So,....are we talking about,......THOUGHT POLICE?

Mr. German then says, " When we first produced a report in 2007 about this, there were 42 Fusion Centers, there are more than 72. So,... they are growing very rapidly."

Governor Ventura asks, " What's the reason for the secrecy on their part?"

Mr. German, " There is obviously a very unfortunate history with police intelligence actives in the United States. Particularly targeting political groups. So,... I think part of the secrecy was to allow this thing to develop, before anybody found out much about them."

Jesse then wants to know who is in charge of this whole thing and Mr. German says, " That's the best question out there,.....and the answer is NOBODY."

Jesse says, " That says to me,.... it's ripe for abuse. "

Mr. German, " ABSOLUTELY,....with very intrusive powers that the law enforcement have to gather information about members of the public,....... you have almost NO,....or WEAK oversight,......and NO WAY for the public to get any kind of accountability over these institutions."

Jesse then asks, " Have there been abuses that you know of?"

Mr. German, " There have been a number of Fusion Center reports that have leaked, that indicate that,... YES,.....they are targeting groups because of their political beliefs." Mr. German continues, " They have started a suspicious activity recording program."

Jesse asks, " What do we quote and put under suspicious activity?"

Mr. German says, " Some of the behaviors are things like,,......taking videos,.......drawing diagrams,........taking measurements,........even expressing extreme views. Originally the suspicious activity reporting program was directed at LAW ENFORCEMENT,....because at least they had some training in the law,....but now,.....there are actually public programs, where they put out videos that show planes crashing into towers and say,.... YOU can prevent this by reporting on YOUR NEIGHBORS."

All this is being done while waving the flag, red, white and blue, tidy little commercials and magazine ads.  Who else constantly waved their flags,.....had pageants and nationalistic parades,....all the while stripping humans of their sovereign freedoms and rights?

 Yes, guess it,.....once again we are reminded of Nazi Germany.

Mr. German then says, "With alot of this collection,.. of this suspicious activity reporting, the government takes what they think is a pattern,....or a profile,.....and they apply that to you."

Governor Ventura, " To me Mike,....that is as ANTI-AMERICAN as you can get!"

Mr. German, " Right, and it creates a huge chilling effect where people think, I don't want to be involved in politics,.... because I might be SPIED on. Somebody might suggest that I could be a terrorist, because I'm involved with this group."

Governor Ventura, " Is this a step towards martial law?"

Mr. German, " Certainly the involvement of the military in these Fusion Centers is something that is very concerning to us."

Well, your mind reeling yet? Does any of this sound like the America you learned about in school? Arrested because your BELIEFS don't match those of the collusive inner core? Asking people to SPY on their neighbors?

Next, we follow an investigative reporter to Austin, Texas, where a group has set themselves up to be watchers of the many Fusion Centers that are spreading across our country. They call themselves, 'Operation De-Fuse.'

John Bush says, " Operation De-Fuse is a movement of individuals, whose purpose is to educate activists and the American public about the growing threat of the Fusion Center."

When asked why it is important to defuse the nation,......Mr. Bush says, " We are seeing with the Fusion Centers, law enforcement officials believe that ANYBODY that seeks to challenge the status quo, is potentially a violent threat."

So,.....we are told that what you buy,.....what you read in the library or on the Internet,....and WHO you associate with,... are all being monitored. That is,.... if you are flagged to be on a watch list. 

When asked what happened when John went out to investigate these Fusion Centers,..John says, " At the Ohio Fusion Center, we were met with about four, very big, armed guards, when we went in there,.....simply to deliver an open records request."

While showing one of the videos for proof, John says, " Yeah,....this one is really scary. This is the Arizona Fusion Center, and we interviewed this woman right here,...and she actually informed us that they run organizers of protests,........they run their name through their databases. I asked her,....if I were to organize a rally,...would she run my name through the Fusion Center databases? She said, " YES." So,... that is legitimate First Amendment activity."

Our heroic Governor now heads straight for Denver Colorado, and the Colorado Intelligence and Analysis Center. Jesse wants answers as to why Americans are being targeted,.....and labeled as threats.

Standing out front to greet them at this large Fusion Center is Lance Clem ( the tapped spokesperson for Homeland Security) whose first words are, " I didn't know YOU were a part of this."

Governor Ventura, " So your main function is gathering intelligence?"

Nodding his head, Lance says, " Is putting together pieces of information. Fusion Center means,...that they take all kinds of pieces of information, and fuse them together."

Governor, " Yeah,....gathering intelligence."

L. Clem, " It may or may NOT be intelligence."

Governor, " It also appears to me to be very ripe for abuse. This technology that you are putting together, easy could that be used AGAINST American citizens?"

L. Clem, " We DON'T watch people,......we DO watch trends."

Governor, " But aren't TRENDS,...people?"

L. Clem, " Not necessarily."

Governor, " But they could be."

L. Clem, nodding his head again, says,..." It could be. "

Governor, " We had an occasion to study the Fusion Center in Missouri, and it came out that they were focusing in on people with Ron Paul stickers on their cars, isn't that going above and beyond the call of duty,.....I mean,... it even showed up conspiracy theorists. That puts ME in there. Would I be under observation by a fusion center,......because of my beliefs,......because I don't always believe what the government,......."

L. Clem, " Hopefully not. "

Reading off of documents that are held in his hand another investigator says, " We got documents from Missouri,.....and we got one from Virginia that specifically targets African-Americans,.....
 or people who are against the state of Israel, is really troubling to see someone has a particular political slogan on their car,.....and all of a sudden they are on a watch list."

L. Clem, " Sure,.... of course it is."

Investigator, " That is really dicey."

L. Clem, " Well, is dicey."

Governor, " These policies are universal to every Fusion Center or do you run each Fusion Center separately, with these basic policies?"

L. Clem, " There all,....each one of them, is managed separately. The Federal Government DOESN'T MANAGE THESE,...these operations."

Governor, " But,.... they oversee them,..."

L. Clem, " No,....they don't."

Governor, " They don't?"

L. Clem, " No."

So, a complete secret government,.....that does NOT answer to our Federal government,.....given outrageous policing powers upon a formally free people. Completely destroying the check and balance system that kept people safe from these types of intrusive abuses.

What would our Founding Fathers say?

Because the Internet is still free,.......without putrid censorship in place,.....I was able to quickly look it up and here are just a few quotes,....from the mouths of those who helped establish our free nation.

*"When injustice becomes LAW,........ rebellion becomes DUTY."   -Thomas Jefferson

*"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold,...... is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
-Thomas Jefferson

*"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority."

_ Benjamin Franklin

*"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

*"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the
chains of the Constitution so the second will not
become the legalized version of the first."

_Thomas Jefferson

*"If men, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up any natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation. The right to freedom being the gift of Almighty God, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave."

_Samuel Adams

Next we are off to Austin Texas where Alex Jones is on the phone with Governor Ventura and he says, " Governor, I need to talk to you right away. That is just the tip of the ice-berg. These Fusion Centers aren't just to keep tabs on the public and spy on them,........they are really command and control centers for the concentration camps,....that are being expanded all over the nation."

You read that correctly,.....CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Outside a Federal prison located in Texas,....the Governor meets Alex Jones to see for himself, if these camps exist.
Alex says, " This is also designated as a 'Civil Unrest Center' and there is 11,000 + acres in this area, controlled by the Department of Defense."

Governor, " So,....there is much more potential prison space,....then what we are seeing right here."

Alex Jones, " Yes,.....this is one of the major complexes in the United States, for suppressing the major cities during unrest with the financial collapse,.....or during a war,......or during a revolution in this country."

I would like to add to that list the TRUTH of 9-11 leaking out all over the Internet and the ever growing list of people who are outraged by it. As people come to a completely different conclusion, around the entirety of the planet,.......formal trials have been held,....and high ranking politicians have been found guilty of war crimes, and are currently wanted by Amnesty International. The list of countries that will apprehend and arrest these people (including arresting a former President who helped to roll in the Patriot Act) seems to get longer by the day.

Alex Jones goes on to say, " We know that they plan to use the cover story that these centers were for illegal aliens, or undocumented immigrants,......but that they would then build them all over the nation, prisons that are for entire families, similar to the Nazi concentration camps."

Governor, " Or similar to when they interned American Japanese citizens in World War II."

Alex Jones, " Exactly."

Did you know that the whole plan is documented?

The plan to declare martial law,.... completely suspend our sacred Constitution,....round up citizens who have been declared a 'threat', and place them into camps, called REX 84!

Look it up people. Don't get glassied eyed now,......this is history repeating itself. Only informed individuals are going to be able to help the planet out of this mess.

Investigator June, heads out to Las Vegas to meet with a Constitutional Expert Stewart Rhodes, and he speaks of the counsel of governors, saying,  "The more recent one, which raises a few eyebrows, is the one issued January 11, 2010,..... which establishes the Council of Governors."

The council is comprised of nine state governors and a governor from Puerto Rico. They are placed and ready for a declared national emergency, and set to take over the government from the current governors and all state legislators. The country would be divided into ten separate and quarantined sections.

Combine that with the installation of the Super Congress,.....whose small number drowns out the voices of the people,..... as their elected Congressional Representative is given the right to AGREE WITH THE DETERMINATION OF THE SUPER CONGRESS.


This is of course, on any issue the Super Congress rules upon. This would be a good time to find out if these people are members of the same secret societies,.........or do they party at the same Bohemian Grove? Or,.....have any of them ever met at the very secretive Bilderberg meetings?

Starting to smell like collusion to you yet?

Alex Jones, " This is just one active prison, they got giant auxiliaries, they got other nearby prisons,...."
Just as Alex is speaking to the Governor,....a guards vehicle pulls up blaring their siren.

The Governor leaves the area,...and heads off to what is called a ' Residential Center.'

All I can say to you at this point, is you have to see it to believe it. Surrounded with extremely high, double BARBED WIRE fences (angled inward to prevent the people contained within from escaping), flood lights, and rail road tracks are located at the entrance.

Alex Jones says, " Halliburton and others have gotten contracts that they will not only hold immigrants or foreigners in these facilities,....but political dissidents,....and they are building these centers all over the country,.....and they call them Residential Centers."

Governor Ventura, " Residential Centers,....with fences?"

A. Jones, " Because they are designed to hold whole families."

On the property is a large 'Notice' sign that says, in part,....'Introduction to this institution of any of the following articles by any individual may subject them to criminal prosecution.'

 # 4 on the list of this NOTICE sign states,.... " Any instrument that may be used as an aid in effecting or attempting ESCAPE."

So,... we have a 'Residential Center', with multiple layers of security, including barbed wire fencing,..guard towers,..... large signs that warn others against effecting ESCAPE,.....close proximity to train tracks,.......and American citizens are not to think anything is exceedingly strange about that?

Governor Ventura heads out to find and question the people who are running one of the camps in the state of Texas. Striding up with a strong sense of purpose, the Governor grabs the handles of the double glass doors and tries to enter.

They are locked.

No one gets rid of Jesse that easily,....he walks back and forth at the entry way,....and has no intention of leaving without some answers. Standing rock solid, he presses himself against the steel and glass of the front doors and cups his hands around his face to peer into the structure. After realizing that Mr. Ventura is NOT going anywhere,....a spokes woman emerges.

Jesse says, " WHAT is this place?"

Spokes person, " This is the Don Hutto Residential Center."

Jesse, " Residential Center? It looks like a prison. I mean,....I've never seen a residential center that has two sets of fences go around (he points to the massive amount of barbed wire surrounding the complex), looks identical to a prison to me."

Spokes person, " Well,....the reason I'm here is just to see what I can do for you today and um,...."

Jesse, " Well, can answer my questions."

Spokes person, " OK, I appreciate that."

Jesse, " Why does it look like a prison,.....I've never come to a residential center that has it's front doors locked,...and you can't walk in and talk to a receptionist."

Spokes person, " Well, the reason for that is to protect the privacy of the residents inside."

Jesse, " And,....why do they need protection?"

Spokes person, " Well, I'll tell you what I can do for you sir,....I can more than happy to forward all your questions to our folks at ICE, they be more that happy to talk to you. "

Jesse, " And,....ICE is?"
Spokes person, " Immigration and Customs Enforcement."

Alex Jones, " And that's under Homeland Security?"

Spokes person, " Yes, that is correct."

Jesse is approached by yet another 'spokes person' for the questionable facility,...and the Governor says, " Just to be on the record,.....for a residential place,...I've never seen one with a locked front door and DOUBLE fences, me it looks very much like a prison."

Spokes person #2 says, " Well, we are charged with their safety as well,"

Jesse, " WHOSE after them?"

Spokes person #2, " I'm sorry?"

Jesse repeats the question, " WHO would be after them,....that you need DOUBLE fences,...and THIS type of security? You got Al Capone in there?"


Alex Jones then takes Governor Ventura to Madison Georgia, on the side of interstate 20,...once again directly near train tracks, and a suitable airport. What is that saying?


Walking on through a wooded area,.....they are presented with an eerie view of hundreds of thousands of black coffins, stretched as far as the eye can see. ( You MUST find the video of this topic, called FEMA CAMP, POLICE STATE, on the show known as Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Words just can NOT describe,..... what you must see for yourself.)

Jesse says, " What in the HELL is this?"


Jesse, " Each one of those is a separate coffin stacked on top. There is probably 20-25 per stack,.....and how many stacks? Literally HUNDREDS OF THEM."

Alex Jones, " You can fit four dead bodies per plastic coffin. It's basically a GIANT body bag."

Officially being called grave liners, they are seven feet in length and three feet in depth. When the company who creates this product was asked about them, the response was, they are just being stored for people's pre-needs.
These containers are far too large to fit INSIDE a traditional coffin, (like the ones we are all familiar with)....and there is no reason to wrap a burial coffin in a plastic tub. As far as I'm concerned this is just a large body bag,....just sturdier and stackable.

Jesse then says, " Well, who in the hell has a pre-need for THIS many coffins,....unless they're planning a massacre."

Jesse goes on to say, " The place that makes these boxes, use to be a research and development arm of HERCULES INC. Hercules is a major defense contractor with ties to Halliburton. The Feds gave 385 MILLION dollars to a HALLIBURTON subsidiary to build the detention centers."

While staring out over the great expanse of coffins, Jesse then says to Alex, " It seems EVERYTHING that I'm investigating,.....the trail seems to lead to HALLIBURTON all the time."

Alex Jones, " Exactly Governor, the ADMITTED Homeland Security contracts for THOSE camp centers. I mean that is admitted in main stream news,'s HALLIBURTON. It always goes back to Halliburton."

 Evidently for those who were paying attention,.....(and even less who knew what it truly meant) was the announcement that Homeland Security contracts KBR to build DETENTION CENTERS across the United States.

The created camps are run by FEMA, which has divided the country into ten separate regions.

The FEMA map, when placed alongside the Council of Governors Sectors Map, almost exact.

Jesse then says to Alex, " And so these are sitting here waiting for the implement of Martial Law,...possibly."

Alex, " And remember,....this is right outside of Atlanta Georgia,.....where the Centers for Disease Control is based. I'm going to give you some of these secret government documents, that we've gotten,... from where they ADMIT,.....that they have stock piles for a BIOLOGICAL PANDEMIC. This is the perfect pretext to bring in Martial Law, using the fear generated, via a pandemic."

How hard would it be to start a pandemic,....then use it to usher in MARTIAL LAW,......and round up all those who do not agree with what has been taking place in our country?

Alex Jones, " We have government documents, where the CDC is preparing for mass pandemics,...hundreds of thousands or even MILLIONS dead. There is this massive preparation going on for plaques,...and literal MEGA DEATH."

Within hours of Governor Ventura leaving the black sea of body boxes,.....tractor trailers showed up, and started to quickly haul away the fantastic amount death containers. Trucks are recorded going in and out of the wooded location, removing the just spied evidence.

Washington D. C. is next on the list, as our heroic Governor moves forward, to demand answers to all the strangeness he sees unfolding before him.

Jesse says, " Now,.....I've seen enough evidence,..I want to know why our Congressmen think we need prison camps for ordinary citizens. They put it right into a CONGRESSIONAL BILL,....H.R. 645.  I went to Washington to find some of the Congressmen who COSPONSORED the Bill,....and what happened,..... gives a pretty good idea of how our nation has slid down the slippery slope,.. to a possible police state."

Walking the halls for answers, Jesse comes to the office of Jim Gerlach, one of the cosponsors of H.R. 645 and the Representative for Pennsylvania. When Governor Ventura went into the office, he was met by Gerlach's Chief of Staff, who initially said the Congressman would be glad to see Jesse. However,.. when the subject of FEMA Camps was stated as the reason for the meeting,.....the excuses started, as to why the PA. Representative was not able to comply and meet with Jesse for the discussion.

Gerlach's Chief of Staff says to Jesse, " He literally just stepped out of the office as you walked in."

Not one to be easily brushed off,.....Jesse leaves the office determined to return and get some answers from this public servant.  However,....when Jesse returns after a suitable amount of time, he is given the run around a second time. This time an office employee says, " He actually just left, uh, go back to the district."

Disgusting,....isn't it?

Rep. Steve Cohen, agrees to speak with Jesse about this Bill, and he is yet another COSPONSOR.

Governor Ventura says to Cohen, " I'm here to talk to you about these FEMA camps. I am very disturbed about them,.....why would we be building these things ALL OVER THE COUNTRY? For what purpose?"

Cohen, " Well we wouldn't,.....because they don't exist. Ahh, is just a figment of some people, who are,.... that have concerns about,... ah,.... of maybe Martians, or other creatures coming to infiltrate our society,....thinking that there are such camps,.....but there are NO such things."

(Cohen actually said every word and utterance of expression you just read. Insulting? Atrocious? Not to mention extremely strange answer. I hope you were sitting down when you read it.)

Jesse, " There are NO SUCH THINGS? So,......WHY WAS IT PUT INTO THAT BILL? It is IN A BILL,, is PUT INTO A BILL,.....AND IT DOESN'T EXIST? There are NO FEMA camps anywhere in America?"

Cohen, " No, there aren't."

Jesse, " What was the place I saw in Texas?"

Cohen, " I don't know what you,...."

Jesse, " It was called a 'Residence', it had two twenty foot high fences around it,....when I knocked on the door,..... it was locked. When the people came to the door,....." NO COMMENT" was the answer I got on ANY question,......and what disturbed me the most about this place,....was in the back it was like a daycare. There's slides and swings for children,.....and I said, 'Do you keep children inside this place?'
NO COMMENT. 'Have you ever kept children in this place?'.........NO COMMENT."

Cohen, " I haven't been there, so I have no idea. Maybe they are immature people."

(Yes, read that right, he called them IMMATURE PEOPLE.)

Jesse, " So,'re telling me there is isn't one FEMA camp in the United States right now?"

Cohen, " There are not."

Jesse, " WHY is it in that Bill?"

Cohen, " What is exactly in the Bill, and what Bill are you referring to?"

Jesse, " It talks about building FEMA camps,....doesn't it? That particular Bill that we are talking about."

Cohen, " I would have to,,...I would like to see the Bill."

Jesse, talking to an assistant who is off camera, " What is the Bill number?" (Assistant speaking softly says, " H.R. 645.")

Jesse, redirecting his attention back to Cohen, " Six FEMA camps to be built within the United States. How can a Bill state that there will be six FEMA camps built in the United States,....and then I'm being told there are none?"

Cohen, looking very frazzled, says, " Well, I think, know, I think I recall now,....something about this,...and if I'm correct, I think those are are locations,....for if there is a disaster, like in Katrina. I think that is what it is. It is not any kind of a concentration camp,....or anything to round up citizens."

Here are the facts,....the Bill that Cohen COSPONSORED,...clearly states that the use of these camps,....will be determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Jesse, " They can come and go as they please,.....(Cohen interjects here, " Exactly.")......they won't be locked,........(Cohen once again, "No, no, no no.")...they can go in and out? Because,.. the place I saw in Texas is LOCKED. You can't go in and out of it,.......NO COMMENT."

Cohen, " Well, it is probably not being used either, for a couple of years."

Jesse, " We have film of children playing on the swings and slides and stuff,.....and THIS ONE technically falls UNDER HOMELAND SECURITY."

Cohen, " Well,.. I don't know, I haven't been there and I don't know who the children are,.......the children are probably very happy. They are probably children of the people that manage the place,..I imagine,......but they are NOT people who have been taken there, know,... by some green monsters and a machine and,...."

Jesse, " I have fear of my government,.........NOT green monsters and machines from outer space. I have enough fear from HERE."

How shocked are you right now, with these answers? Did this Rep. from the state of Tennessee,....truly NOT know what was in the Bill HE SPONSORED,.........or,.....were we just lied to? Either way, safe do you feel knowing that something that costs hundreds of millions of dollars is carried out and implemented,....and the sponsors don't know what they signed, on behalf of the people? Of course the other choice is he knew exactly what was in this Bill,.....and just blatantly lied.

Which is it?

By the way,....were you in agreement with this Bill?

 Do you know anyone who was in agreement with this Bill?

If the answer to the above questions is NO,......then exactly WHO are these Representatives representing? As public servants to THE PEOPLE,.....shouldn't they be carrying out the WISHES OF THE PEOPLE?

There is something awfully wrong here. In fact,......there is MUCH wrong here.

When Jesse returned to Jim Gerlach's office, the Chief of Staff said, "I've seen some things on the Internet,...and I know he talked to some folks back in the District, who lead him to cosponsor it. In light of some of the new information out,...he may want to reconsider that, ...of course."

Daniel Kucan, who is also working on this substantial investigation of detainment camps, is in the state of California and he is tracking other facilities that are said to be placed all over our country.

Daniel talks with William Lewis who has determined that there are possibly 800 of these prison centers in the United States and he refers to a bill in the U.S. Congress,..... named HR 645,... that actually calls for the CREATION OF THESE CAMPS. These human detainment units are to be run by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

William leads Daniel to a questionable location found just outside of Los Angles. On the video chat William says, " Keep driving up the hill,'ll get to a parking lot,......park at the far side of the parking lot, and you'll see they got trailers set up, not unlike those used in hurricane Katrina, where the FEMA Camps were housed. They got a power plant set up on the premises, with massive generators."

Daniel, while staring out over the suspicious location,... says, " Now,...the thing that is sketchy about security, I can see right here all this barbed wire,.....that's ALL POINTED INWARD. So,....they are not trying to keep anybody out,..."

William responds, " There is ALWAYS a large law enforcement presence."

Daniel says, (while looking at a security vehicle) " Those guys just showed up,....they weren't here when we pulled up,...and now they are on the move,.... so, I'm going to head on to the next base. Yea,....I'm outta here."

Driving off to the next location,....Daniel goes into the port of Los Angeles. This dubious place is found on Terminal Island which is completely isolated,....just like another famous prison island found in California's waters.

Immediately the police move in on investigative reporter Daniel, with multiple cars, horns and lights blazing, flash lights pulled and shined into their faces.

Unfazed Daniel says to the officer shining a light into the recording camera, " What is that I'm looking at right there?"

Police officer, " Um,... we can't give that information."

Another person in the back round says, " You know some people don't like it,....we're trying to find out WHO you are,...and what you are doing here. Why are you here. It's not good."

I repeat this question to you once again,......WHY is it we learn history?

Isn't the biggest answer you can give to that question, that we do NOT repeat the mistakes from our past?

 Do you see repetition happening here?  I do. In fact, I'm shocked by how identical to the roll out of Nazi Germany,.. it appears to be.

*Plans that are carefully crafted to get the masses to go along with the restriction of freedoms.
*Lies to the people to fulfill an agenda.
*Speeches given about patriotism, flag waving, parades, and song to keep people from questioning the status quo.
*The massive hiring of additional police, and other government workers. People who are dependent upon government checks, don't usually question the authority in place.
*Ads on billboards, TV, magazines, radio, to become part of a watch group. (Yes, spying on your neighbor.)
*The passing of laws to restrict freedom of speech, and assembly.

All of this happens while you are told, is for your own good.

I don't know about you,.....but none of this makes me feel any better.

The Internet is the only saving grace, when it comes to being informed about what is ACTUALLY going on in this world. While the above program ran on TV,.....the second airing was mysteriously pulled from public viewing. If you had the original saved in your DVR, was ERASED right out of the unit!

 The Internet comes to our rescue, for without it,.....we would not be able to speak freely and share information with one another,....including our personal thoughts and opinions we have on these dire matters. Try speaking your sentiments on the large corporate owned sites. You will quickly find out, if it does not agree with the story line, it is completely censored out.

The chains that bind.

The recently passed NDAA, which stands for National Defense Authorization Act,....allows for INDEFINITE DETENTIONS of an enemy combatant, WITHOUT due process. In other words, they can come into your home without a warrant, take a family member, with no explanation,...and disappear you for forever,.... if they want to.

 No court, trial,....NO DUE PROCESS!

 The military are the ones who get to decide WHO is an enemy combatant, WITHIN our own country,......and it applies to United States citizens!

Senator Graham who strongly supports NDAA, says, " The homeland is part of the battlefield and people can be held without trial whether an American citizen or not. "

Douglas Macgregor, U. S. Army Colonel, responds while speaking to Judge Napolitano, about NDAA, " Whenever you suspend Due Process, which in effect suspends the rule of law, you walk down a very dangerous path,...and you give authority to your government,... that it can then wield,...essentially without restraint. What worries me, is we will end up creating categories of people,...who are then subject to arbitrary arrest,...and that's dangerous, because we don't know how those categories will be defined or interpreted in the future. All in all, it is a disaster and it is something that should be defeated. "
 (I highly suggest you look this information up while you can.)

Believe me, most of the people I have asked about this most recent restriction of freedom, don't even know what it is,....nor how it affects us as a people. We are constantly redirected, by non-stop entertainment,.....or a larger crisis, that just happens to appear when they want you to look in another direction. Like a magic trick,....look over here at my right hand,....while the left is doing all the work. Once you understand this simple concept, the news you THOUGHT you understood begins to take on a completely different look.

Now, you know why a group that works so collusively with one another, found it so important to control your intake of information. Control what a person knows about their reality, control their perception of reality.

 Don't think any of this applies to you because you are a 'good' person?

Think again.

 An injustice against anyone,...anywhere, an injustice to us all,....everywhere. Just remember Nazi Germany. Do you think if the people knew what was going to unfold,...they would have passively went along with each new restriction of freedom? Always thinking,....well,'s not me, I should not concern myself.

Did you know that having more than 7 days of food stored, makes you a suspected terrorist?

How comfortable do you feel with that classification?

EVERYONE I know has at least a weeks worth of groceries in their house!

What else makes you a suspected terrorist?

*Someone missing fingers on their hand.
*Someone who has guns.
*Someone who has ammunition, that is weather proofed.

Adding more chains.

Another planned attempt to steal freedoms and censor the Internet communication that we currently have with each other,... is SOPA.

SOPA?  What is that?
It is the abbreviation for the Stop Online Piracy Act. Do you really think that is why it was written?
After making millions, billions,.....and even more on the television, radio and magazine content, you genuinely believe they are worried about people commenting on, talking about, and sharing the information they previously absorbed from these venues?

My answer is no. They are freaking out because people are getting information from truth speakers, whistle blowers, and freedom watchers who are highlighting the many twisted falsehoods that take place on these highly controlled outlets. It then gets talked about,....FREELY on the Internet,....and the clips are uploaded for everyone on the planet to see the blatant lies for what they are.

 Currently, they can NOT censor the Internet, you are getting information that is shockingly different from what you are use to hearing. If they have their way and SOPA passes,.....the FREEDOM on the Internet ends. You will go back to being in the dark,... about just about everything that matters,....except what THEY decide to tell you.

In this next video (10 minutes) you will see where the CDC stored 500,000 coffins in a soybean field, (located in Madison, Georgia, as stated above by Alex Jones and Governor Ventura) which are capable of holding 3 or 4 bodies a piece. These locations are being found around the nation. We are also told that temporary morgues are also being set up across our country by an employee of the CDC.

What are they planning folks?

This is most certainly part of an elaborate scheme.

Internment- resettlement specialist ( job description) is found on the goarmy link posted below. The camps that Cohen denied existing to Governor Ventura,...( even though HE sponsored the Bill),...are being staffed. This link takes you to an ENTIRE page, describing the employees who will guard the people placed there.

This next video is about 4 minutes in length, and it is the clip of Sen. Rand Paul (Presidential canidate Ron Paul's son) speaking out with extreme concern for the welfare of American citizens, about what NOW makes you a suspected terrorist. This includes storing more than 7 days worth of food.

You will also see another outsatanding hero in America, that is Judge Napolitano, who is speaking up for ALL citizens, against the outrageous loss of freedoms in our country. (I love you Judge Napolitano!)
On Freedom Watch, the discussion is the ENTIRE United States of America, becoming a battlefield for the military. Napolitano discusses the commitee hearings of this legislation being done in SECRET, even though the Constitution requires the Congress to do this work in PUBLIC.

 U. S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor is also coming forward in this clip, and stands firmly AGAINST this legislation, calling it a DISASTER.

In this next video link (7 minutes) you will see an extremely articulate, brave, passion filled Patriot, speaking with sincerity and pure emoiton as he expresses how many in the U.S. feel, about the loss of freedom in our precious country. The topic is the NDAA, SOPA, the use of scape goats,.. so the genuine criminals of the financial collapse can continue to go unpunished. The segment ends with a message to Senator Lindsey Grahm, letting him know who the real threat to our way of life and Constitution are.
 This is a must watch!

I will end on a note reminding you of your power. Please read the write up I recommend at the begining of the segment. It will fill you with hope, and give you work you can do, within the privacy of your own home, to change our reality.

We are a family on this planet and I am sending my love out to you and all those you love. Lets work together, by using our heartfelt intent, to imagine a world where every being is supremely free, happy, healthy, prosperous and protected in a peaceful and harmonious world.

Hugs and kisses to you.


  1. The government actually has a page showing all locations that the immigration bureau of homeland security uses as detention centers. The 10 governors were formed when they snuck it in the 2008 ndaa. It seems they always put their sneaky stuff that no one wants on page 1201 of the Defense bill. Obama said he was against the provisions of the NDAA, but just before new years, he gave in, or was convinced? to sign it.

  2. There is still a chance to stop Sopa. It takes a public outcry. Call your congressman. this stuff they are passing is crazy, congress has only a 9% approval rating, lowest ever. Once again Obama says he is against Sopa and its senate bill Pipa, but what will happen? If Sopa passes as currently written any website that links to a video can be shut down by the government internet police. As a protest Wikipedia is going to shut down for a day.

  3. FLASH-UPDATE SOPA is defeated. Senator Reid threw in the towel. Because of the tremendous backlash there will not be a vote on January 24th. This is a tremendous victory, but just one of many needed. The next will be the repeal of section 1210 of the NDAA, as proposed by Ron Paul on the house floor. The battle is not over, they are frantically trying to rewrite SOPA, and next time no doubt will try to sneak it in another bill that they just have to pass, and don't worry about reading all 1200 pages (see NDAA).

  4. What a coincidence---NOT! A few days after speaking out against the NDAA, Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky was detained for several hours at the Nashville airport by the TSA. These characters are way out of line, they wouldnt just let Paul go through the scanner again, they insisted that he go through a full body inspection. This is a U.S. Senator, people. Paul refused, and the TSA who claimed he had metal on his leg detained him for over two hours before Paul eventually took another flight. There have been numerous other instances of totally outrageous behavior by these TSA agents, including an old woman who was dying of cancer, going home to die, being made to remove her adult diaper, and several instances of very young, scared children being subjected to searches at domestic U.S. airports.

  5. FIRST, there is NO demand for hundreds of thousands of these body bins to be stockpiled in multiple sites.

    NO cemeteries are buying or using these.

    Additionally, I have a copy of the PATENT downloaded directly from the Patent Office. These body containers are made SPECIFICALLY to be BURNED with minimal impact to the environment.

    They ARE CREMATION CONTAINERS made to seal and contain biologically contaminated remains until they can be burned. This is the patent's stated purpose.

    The dis-information agents who monitor the boards on the Youtube site,...are not only insulting people who comment,...but trying to get people to believe they are regularly used by cemeteries around the country.


  6. David Rockefeller quote on the New World Order--

    "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right MAJOR CRISIS and the nations will accept the new world order."

    So, BEWARE, any staged event, and the rapid claims of WHO is responsible.

    BEWARE, any CREATED DISEASE outbreak, and the excuses offered as to the HOW and WHY of the mass death.

    BEWARE, the carefully layed plans of those who are collusive and self serving, for they operate in deceit, and lack compassion for the people of earth.

  7. There just has to be some brave, high ranking Generals and/or Admirals in office who will UPHOLD the oath they swore to protect the American Constitution, from the obvious domestic threat.

    We the people are waiting.......

    If this isn't a threat on our freedoms and liberties, than what is?