Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why is it raining dead birds in the United States?

On 11:30 PM, Friday night, which happened to be New Years Eve,........a flurry of reports are called in to the Game and Fish Commission of Arkansas.

People are highly upset, and reporting that the birds are literally falling from the sky.

Thousands upon thousands of birds are falling from the sky!

After doing much reading,....it seems the body count stopped at  5,000,.......but the total offered to the public, does not account for other dead birds that have been reported in Kentucky (where 6 different  bird species have been found laying dead), and Louisiana where they are still counting the bodies.

At this same time tens of thousands,......in fact more than 100,000 fish were found belly up,..... covering the Arkansas River!

The bird carcases were taken in to be examined,....and found to have blood clots throughout the entirety of their system.

Several days later, another batch of birds rained dead upon the ground in Point Coupee Parish ,Louisiana,....which is about 300 miles south/east of the mysterious Arkansas Rain of Death.

Bodies,....bodies everywhere,....yet another batch of remains floated to the surface in Louisiana, (weeks before the rash of dead birds) when more than 83,000 fish came bubbling to the top of the river, 100 miles west of the town of Beebe, Arkansas.

Citizens of Kentucky are continuing to call in reporting dead birds of varying types, which they find laying in their yards. The totals have not been accounted for,... as of yet.

Scientists are offering explanations,.....that the populous does not seem to be satisfied with,.....such as,........

* A local thunderstorm in the area of Beebe, swept the birds up into the storm and rendered them dead, where they then fell upon the ground.

Possible fireworks going off and giving the birds a heart attack. (If it were fireworks,....wouldn't the entire country be littered with dead bird bodies on the 4th of July, when just about every city and town shoot them off?)

Neither of these two desperate attempts to explain this large rash of death, explain the hundreds of thousands of dead fish.

The scientists insist the fish MUST have died from a disease,......and the two are not related in anyway,....it just happens to be a coincidence that they died at the exact same time!

Wildlife services directors said, " There was probably some physical reason, but I doubt anyone will ever know what it was."

Read people,....while the Internet is still free and unrestricted.

Multitudes of people are reporting heavy spraying in the sky, by airplanes in these exact same areas, prior to the death rain.

What are they spraying,..........and who is responsible for the spraying?

Are we being slowly poisoned?

Is this population control of the masses, that is so widely talked about on the Internet?

Does this explain the extraordinarily high rates of Cancer and extremely shortened life spans of hundreds of millions of people?

While searching for answers,.....that actually make sense,.......you will very quickly come across the term, "Chemtrail."

What is a Chemtrail?

An aerosol chemtrail is a chemical, or biological, or radiological agent that is sprayed into the sky for a multitude of secret purposes. It does not dissipate as a normal vapor contrail does when it is released. It remains airborne and has a tendency to widen,.....then inevitably have the appearance of dripping.

Chemtrails have been found to contain,.....................................

*Ethylene dibromide- Which is a chemical pesticide, carcinogen and chemical toxin.
*Aluminum- Which is a metal,.. that has been heavily associated with Alzheimer's Disease.
*Barium- This is a radioactive substance.

These substances are suspected to be killing out our bee colonies around the globe,.........strongly affecting our ability to grow food, that is very much needed to sustain the human population.

70% of bee colonies are completely missing from the planet!

Researchers are calling the disappearance of bees,.....Colony Collapse Disorder.

There is a growing movement among the citizens of the world to demand an explanation as to what they are spraying in our skies!

Medical doctors that have treated the NSA pilots at Fort Carson and Peterson Air force Base, who were actually spraying the chemtrails,... have spoken out on the reality of these poisons being sprayed,...... over our own population! (Hear one of the doctors speak on the video link below.)

Others who are "in the know" have stated,...." It is NOT the same as conducting some localized test for some defensive project,......this is open air operations,......THIS IS NOT A TEST,......THIS THING IS IN PLACE."

There are tens of thousands of declassified admissions under different programs, where Pentagon programs, different agencies of the government HAVE TESTED CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND RADIOLOGICAL AGENTS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

In fact US Patent 3813875,......Talks about rockets having a Barium release system to create Ion clouds in the upper atmosphere.

Sadly the U.S. government has been frequently caught engaging in  bio-weapons tests over American air space,.. that have crippled and killed not just creatures of the animal kingdom, but human beings. The history of US government biological testing, includes deliberately infecting Americans citizens with syphilis, malaria and other bacteriological agents.

From the 1950′s up to today, the U.S. government has intentionally engaged in open air tests, spraying major cities like San Francisco and New York with Serratia Marcescens and Bacillus Glogigii.

 In 1955, the CIA also released a type of bacteria, over Tampa Bay, Florida in order to test its adequacy to infect the human population with a biological agent and the results thereof.

In 1966, the U.S. Army dispensed Bacillus Subtilis Variant Niger all over the New York City subway system.

1977 Senate hearings on Health and Scientific Research confirmed that 239 populated areas had been purposely infected and polluted with biological agents between 1949 and 1969, including San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Key West, Panama City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

In August 1994, residents in the Oakville, Washington area reported tiny blobs of gelatinous goo raining down from the heavens, and in 1997 residents in the Everett area of Washington State reported an analogous event.

Even though the entire subject is strongly denied by the government, the term "Chemtrail" was mentioned by name in legislation that was introduced by Dennis Kucinich, which spoke of permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space,.....and Chemtrails was clearly listed,...... along with other exotic weapons that would be included in the ban. It was rejected by the United States Department of Defense, and expired while in committee.

Talking about this a few years ago was extremely dangerous,.....now that we have Youtube and more social networking, this is really getting out, in such a way that they can NOT control it. The black core,......the black alliance that seeks to cull the world's population by 80%, is unable to control the information that is leaking out all over the Internet. People are quickly putting the pieces together,...in a very logical manner and arriving at the shocking conclusion that a group exists, that holds themselves above the laws of the land,.....and they are in control of what really matters in the world.

The officials who are put into place by the public,...(or so they think),...have little or no control as to what is really going on. This is why no one can get answers,... when they search for the truth of a certain matter that is of great concern to the world,.......these people actually operate outside of the laws of the land.

There are people who strongly advocate population control,......and some of these people are rooted within our own government. The current White House Science Czar, John P. Holdren encouraged the idea of population control by way of pollution particles,....and this same thought process can be found in books like, Ecoscience.

Many of the planes that are doing the spraying, will actually turn whatever they are spraying on and off right before your eyes. You can see this people,......look up! Take your video phone with you and record it!

You will see normal flight by an airplane,....then all of a sudden it will start to spray, loop around then continue flying in a crisscross formation, covering the entirety of a certain area.

The substance that is being released, does not dissipate like the moisture vapors of a contrail,.......instead in hangs in the air for extremely long periods of time, usually expanding in the process.

 Sometimes you will start to see a slow dripping like appearance in the sky, as the mysterious substances start to slowly fall to the ground.

Concerned citizens are forming into groups, and placing spotters throughout their areas to monitor their skies,....they are using cameras to take photos and video, which then get upload to the Internet to show the world what is truly taking place.

 The belief by these watch groups is, they are marking the start and stop areas,.. that are being tested by their secret programs, so they can watch the experiment upon living subjects unfold by satellite.

Most that look into this sinister operation believe it is taking place around the world,.........upon the very populous of the planet. The handful of people in this black alliance, work together in secret societies (deeply buried on the inside,....as the outer edge of secret societies usually know nothing at all, that is being conducted by the inner core. The outer edge are usually good and innocent people used as a disguise,....the front porchers so to speak,.....so the inner core can remain within towns and cities,.... without suspect or question.)

As people demand answers,.......numerous excuses are routinely offered, such as,................

*Weather modification.
*To save us from global warming.
*To save us from the "terrorists."

Allot of these programs of which there are many,  has been designated as Wake- Vortex Simulation, carried out by NASA Langley Research Center,....... many of these operations and the patents, go on to explain that,.............................
 if there is a biological attack by the "terrorists" at some point, that these exercises and practices, will in a sense save us, with the spider-webery, that falls down from the aerosol spraying, potentially gathering the chemical mass spray, that could be sprayed on any given population.

The problem with this particular thought is,............. the "terrorists" don't have the means to deliver this,...they don't have access to deliver this over the American people,.....and THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS,....THAT IS BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,......IS THE MILITARY THEMSELVES,......which has been formally admitted to,..... from Operation SHAD, to the spraying that happened over San Francisco in the 1960's & 1970's that actually killed many American citizens.

Short term exposure to the toxins found in the samples,... that have been collected in bowls of water, placed directly under the areas that have been sprayed, include mild to severe stomach and chest pain.

Long term exposure causes blood pressure problems.

Barium found in the samples collected is three times the toxic levels set by the EPA,.....this is very dangerous and can wear down a person's immune system, resulting in such horrendous conditions as Morgellons Disease.

This information may come as a shock to some of you, who are just starting to find out what is really going on around our planet,.....however the evidence is overwhelming.

Do you remember what the sky use to look like many years ago?

The beautiful rich colors of dark and sky blue,......big fluffy clouds that resembled white puffs of cotton candy,........our skies were beautiful. Now,....go outside,......look at your sky,.......what do you see?

I am looking outside as I write this,....and I see gray. A heavy blanket of gray,.....and not one fluffy white cloud in the sky.

Video on chemtrails,..where a medical doctor speaks about the reality of chemtrail spraying.

In this video you will see Alex Jones talk about the connection of government testing and the bird and fish kill of this story. This is one of two parts.


This is part two of Alex Jones, speaking of the link between the massive animal death,...and secret government testing.

There is NO DOUBT that toxins are being sprayed in our skies.

 They have in the past, and it continues straight to this day. The following blurb is an outline of the terms, that describe the weapons systems used to weaponize space. 

The following information comes directly from The Library of Congress/107th Congress.

 (2001-2002) /H.R.2977 -- Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Introduced in House - IH)

Such terms include EXOTIC WEAPONS systems such as--

(i) Electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
(ii) Chemtrails;
(iii) High altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
(iv) Plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
(v) Laser weapons systems;
(vi) Strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
(vii) Chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
(C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.



The town of Falkoping, Sweden is NOW reporting a rash of dead birds called Jackdaws. The remains have been discovered laying on the roads. Numerous blogs are reporting that aircraft have been seen spraying in their skies.


Keep your video camera, or cell phone cameras ready,....people of the world,.....we are one family on this Earth,.....we are in this together.

Also being reported on the Web,...... the states of Florida and Maryland are reporting massive fish bodies floating to the top of river systems,.....and washing up along the shore line.

View Mass Animal Deaths in a larger map

January, 17, 2011:

  What killed 200 cows,  in Stockton, Wisconson this past week?

The latest story of mysterious mass animal deaths, has to do with farm animals and the highly unusual and extroadinairly rapid fatalities,.. of the the poor creatures. (From the first indication of illness,.........the animal was completely dead in 12 hours!) The last of the 200 cows,.. died this past Saturday.


The cattle owner relayed to the deputies his suspicions of a virus – possibly the IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis) or BVD (bovine virus diarrhea) virus. These contagions are known to cause respiratory and reproductive problems, however they normally don't threaten the life of mature Bovine.


 Supposedly,... the Portage County Humane Society is in possession of samplings from the carcases,....and they are in the process of looking into it.


Another batch of animals is added to our growing list of demise around the planet.

Air,......fresh water,......ocean water,.......and now the land,.....is littered with death.

We,....the public,..... are being given the most outrageous excuses for their dissolution,....like fireworks giving heart attacks,......and big-rigs plowing into birds. We are being told time and time again,....to calm down,....don't panic,......it is all just a coincidence.

Well I don't know about you,....but I'm not buying it. There IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG HERE.
  Just last week another 300 dead birds were discovered, on the side of a highway in Alabama. Experts were promptly trotted out and told the public not to worry,..... that a tractor- trailer was probabbly responsible for their deaths.

Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous in all your life?

Exactly,.... how stupid do they think we are?

January 20th, 2011

Death Toll Update:

*7,000 - 10,000 buffalo drop dead in Vietnam. The unusually cold temperatures are suspected as the catalyst to the unusual deaths,....but are they?

Children are also pouring into the hospitals at record levels,.. with complaints of respiratory problems.

*5,000 octopuses are found dead. Their bodies strewn along a 5 mile stretch,.. off of the coast of Portugal.

*Dead seal bodies are piling up,... in Canada, Newfoundland,  and England's northwest coast.


  1. While looking up information on the Internet, I came across MANY AREAS that have reported unexplained deaths in massive quantities, at varying periods of time.

    I see a pattern.

    I also see people uploading videos of planes spraying in MOST of those same areas,... prior to the death counts.

    DEAD BIRDS in huge amounts have been reported in Australia, Arizona, Texas.

    Massive and mysterious FISH DEATHS have been reported in England, New Zeland, Italy, Brazil, Hawaii.

    Some of these bizarre deaths may be natural or a coincidence,.......but there is something SINISTER going on around the planet.

    Keep looking, keep reading, keep taking those videos!

  2. The body of John Wheeler was found dead, around the same time period, as the mass bird and fish deaths.

    There is a terrific amount of information available on Mr. Wheeler,.....and many are saying there is a connection.

    Personally,.....I don't know,.......a trememdous amount to read.

    You may wish to research it on your own though,..to see if in fact there is a connection.

  3. You can play with the map,...by clicking on "Earth" zoom out,.....find an area you wish to see,....then click "map",....then zoom in.

    I count 30 areas around the world that are reporting unexplained animal and fish deaths.

    Extremely disturbing.

  4. The aluminum particles being sprayed are excellent conductors, and more and more people believe it is directly connected to the HAARP program.

    I researched HAARP and found out it has the ablity to heat up a 200 square mile area of the sky, that contains metal particulates. It can then be used to create high and low pressure,.... and steer the resulting storms in any direction.

    What would people do if they found out the government and some private corporations were behind the devastating weather patterns which caused the loss of their home or business?

    What would citizens do if they felt these same groups were responsible for giving them autoimmune diseases,....resulting in shortened life spans?

  5. Aluminum oxide is extremely TOXIC to humans. It is cumulative in nature,.. in that if you breath it in,….it will continue to gather in your body,…and will seriously impede your immune system.

    A ponderous increase in Alzheimer’s disease (which is an aluminum related illness) has gone up in certain areas by 200%!


    Rain water that has been examined for aluminum oxide,…has come back with levels that are not only high,… but they have gone up by the THOUSANDS in percentage points.

    Barium- People have been finding up to 1,000 TIMES THE NORMAL RATIO in their BLOOD STREAM, when they get blood tests. Barium is another compromiser of the immune system, causing such things as high blood pressure.

    There are many groups now documenting these findings,…and they recommend getting blood and hair follicle tests,…especially if you feel you are in a heavy spray zone.

  6. Organic foods are definitely not growing as they should in many areas. To determine why,…… pH tests are taken of the soil and a surprising finding continues to show up.

    The typically acidic soil of the tested areas had in fact CHANGED to become alkaline. The results determined the soil to be 12-18 times the normal level of alkalinity.

    Yes,….that result will expressly effect your crops.

  7. Doctors and medical staff who are following what is going on, have noticed on heavy spray days, the ER becomes packed with patients experiencing respiratory problems with dry mouth and burning eyes.

  8. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous.

    I looked up RESPIRATORY MORTALITY and found out it has gone from number 8 on the death list,......to number 3 in the past six years!

  9. Geoengineers have stated they plan to spray 10---20 million tons of aluminum into our sky, according to recent documentaries that have been done on the subject. These videos can be found on the internet.

  10. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous.

    Yes,....spraying appears to be happening over EVERY NATO COUNTRY,....but also over other areas of the world.

    You can actually SEE this occurring on satellite views.

    Kenya doesn NOT have any spraying that can be seen by satellite (that I can find)...along with SOME areas in South America.

    Every one seems to have an opinion on this subject,...and people are believing they are trying to block out the sun!


    To starve us to death because our crops won't grow?

    Could it be because the Sun is sending very important energies right now,....and they don't want the populace of the world to rise up spiritually,.....evolve our consciousness?

    Whatever the reason,....the ENTIRE PLANET is upset by what is going on.

    NONE of it sounds good to me.

  11. There are numerous patents filed for devices, that were disigned to spray aluminum oxide aerosol.

  12. I thought this comment was important, found on Youtube.

    So, I am sharing.

    Sat outside (3 of us) with 2 FORMER MILITARY FIGHTER PILOTS,
    *high grade binoculars,.... & watched in central Ohio S.E. edge of Columbus a plane SPRAYING.

    Young I STUDIED various cloud formations in college.

    CHEMTRAILS are NOT clouds.

    We watched plane fly patterns for 45 minutes and then fly away.

    WORSE than nonsense to attack chemtrails.

    Either stupidity, or coverup agents!

    Private jet owners have flown thru chemtrails collecting samples to be tested. Spray is LETHAL.

    It is very measurable in snow!

  13. To PROTECT yourself from the chemtrails,.... drink LOTS of distilled water. (According to Mr. Webber.)

    Look up Andrew Norton Webber on Youtube,...he outlines why this is helpful for people.

    We have to look out for one another,..after all, we are a family on this planet.

    Hugs to you all!