Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Reality Transmission,..........take part in an Earth healing.

Let the light of compassion and love shine bright upon our Earthly home,

Let all truth be spoken,....let all truth be known.................

May we unite hand to hand in peace,....freedom and equality,

And from this day forward,...let us stand strong as one Earth family.

By: Kelly Horan


With all of the doom and gloom of the horrifying events that are taking place on our planet right now, it is time for an act of healing.

Permission was asked for,.....and permission was received to give you this information.

Once again you are needed.

You are truly a powerful being of light and love,.....it is who you genuinely are,....and the power that has been divinely given to each and every one of you is needed now,....to restore and heal our Earthly home and all the beings that dwell upon Her.

A world wide event is about to take place called the New Reality Transmission. The first event took place on 11-11-10 at 11:11Pm and 11:11Am (EST),.....and it occurred all over the planet!

What exactly is it?

A massive group meditation to visualize a global awakening and it's physical manifestation,... coming to our reality in the coming months.

This second event is about to take place,......and you are needed to participate together,... with the people of the world.

On 1-11-11 at 11:11 Pm & Am (EST) for 11 minutes,....for 11 days,..... we will work together as a species to bring about desperately needed healing, for the people of the world and the planet we inhabit,...and a project forth a great awakening as to who we really are.

If done with full intention,....and the emotion in your heart,....you will actually feel this energy! You will FEEL that we are spiritually joined.

Most that have incarnated on this planet at this time, are here to bring in the change of the either. An awakening,....to the truth of our Divinity,....and raise the veil of lies, deceit and illusion.

Our purpose is to create peace, harmony, and understanding among all people in the world. To work together as a family, for positive change,.....and to know who we veritably are,.... as spiritual beings.

We are moving towards a major event in the history of human kind.

This event is to take place around 2012.

What will the event entail?

Will it be devastation?

Will it be monetary collapse?

Will it be humans destroying the very body of the Earth Herself?

Our belief,.....by those who participate in the healings,.....is that the change will be one of world wide peace,.....and harmony.

The Age of Aquarius.

We are all sensing the coming change,........can you feel it?

Are our beliefs important?

 Can we really create change?

Does what I'm thinking really matter?

The answer is a resounding,.....YES,.....YES,......and,....YES!

What are some of the beliefs of the people in our world?

*Christians have a strong credence in faith,....and that an act can physically occur if deeply prayed upon.

*Buddhists understand that reality and our perception of reality,......are one in the same.

Scientific studies in fact confirm these very ideas,.....they have a strong ground in theoretical  physics.

What is the power of belief?

Patients that were unknowingly given a Placebo (a fake pill that has no medical properties) and were told it would aid in the curing of a cancerous tumor,.......actually dissolved the diseased tissue with the power of their thoughts. They BELIEVED they would be healed.

According to the most well tested theory in physics, Quantum Mechanics, your consciousness changes reality. In this theory, the phenomenon known as the collapse of the quantum Wave Function,.... is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one's conscious observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to "collapse" into matter. In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence!

*If we believe in the worst case scenario taking place on 2012,....will that in fact make it come about?

*Can we really heal our planet and prevent cataclysms?

*Can we visualize world peace into existence through a massive pulse of belief transmitted by one million people around the world at the same time?

Quantum physics says, "YES,...yes you can."

The 1-11-11 New Reality Transmission will be a pulse of belief sent into the Reality Matrix, which will swirl the flow,... of our group reality towards an experience that will be more interesting than cataclysms and wars. It comes from the heart,.... with NO selfish intentions in mind,...and it is based on science,....not fanciful delusion.

Picture this pulse of group belief as a spiral shaped beam, where each person who joins the pulse,.... increases it's intensity.

In the quantum realm, location does not work the way it does in our everyday perception. Your location can be a work or at your home computer. You will join the Website at the designated times and simply project your belief for exactly 11 minutes. We will be doing this together!

There will be 11 days in a row of group reality transmissions, with the first one beginning at 11:11 Pm, EST on 1-11-11.

Why all of the 11's?

The short answer would be that it is beautiful in it's symmetry, and things that can trigger the emotion in our heart,...give power to the pulse of belief,..... that we will transmit into the future.

The theoretical answer is complex and very long,...and it would take to long to try to explain to you right now.

Let's just say that the theoretical answer relates to the geometry of certain thought patterns,.. within the Reality Matrix.

Does your consciousness exist outside of your body?

Use your intuition to find the answer. Close your eyes,.....and ask this of yourself.

Do you understand that this consciousness continues to exist after your physical body dies?

The stronger your intuition is speaking to you about these things,.....the more you are needed,.....for you have a strong belief.

Next,....visualize your consciousness as a swirling cloud around your body,... that creates the perception of your physical existence.

 Imagine that this cloud is waiting for you to give it instructions. Again, listen to your intuition,....and if it feels true, then choose to believe it firmly. Now, in your mind's eye, see your vortex cloud rapidly spiraling,..... as it waits for you to steer it into action.

It's your choice. You can create your reality just like you subconsciously create your dreams every night. However,....if you are oblivious to this ability, then your life is like a flag being blown in the wind,....and you're like a passenger riding on a train going in circles. So visualize that your mind's attention is gently taking control of this spiraling cloud, which can change the Reality Matrix of our world.


Now,....point your spiraling consciousness vortex out and forward towards Earth's future. See a calm and harmonious world blossoming,..... after a massive planet wide awakening takes place in the months ahead.

VISUALIZE this awakening as being a shocker,...similar to our whole species believing the Earth is flat on Friday,..... and then on Monday realizing with delight that it is actually spherical!

Make detailed pictures in your mind of news shows announcing breaking intelligence of the empirical proof that human consciousness exists outside of the body,....the scientific validation of the existence of the soul,........ and of the interconnection between all souls.

Now,....imagine that under the crushing weight of this official new reality, there is a crumbling of the brittle old house of fear-based mental delusion in its three forms,......

*Fear of dying becomes a joke.
*Fear of people taking your gold,....becomes silly.
*Fear of people laughing at you,....becomes irrational.

Envision the true cooperative hearts of our planetary family joining together,.... like millions of rain drops,...upon a giant green leaf.

Is the beautiful reality we create together really possible?

If there's nothing you can think of which makes it absolutely impossible,.....then by definition,...... it's POSSIBLE!

Therefore,.....large numbers of us can literally will it into reality with our minds.

So, I want you to continue programming your consciousness vortex with this template,......energized by your belief,.......and activated by visualization.

SEE,.....pictures in your mind of people around the world abruptly awakening from a trance and realizing that their group belief controls their group experience of reality in exactly the same way we create the reality landscapes within our dreams.

SEE,..... the whole planet being hit with the surprising understanding that reality is exactly like a group dream, where there are two ways to exist.

*The first way is how we've dreamed for eons,.....the lie in which we've relinquished our reality control and been pushed around by our nightmares and limitations.
*The NEW way,....will be to wake up and take control and fly together in a new fearless reality that we co-create like a beautiful group mosaic.

At this time you should envision our species enlightened by this major scientific discovery of the Reality Matrix,.....which will lead hundreds of millions of people to wake up,.....and fearlessly change the story that we are experiencing,....together.

Now, see your consciousness vortex intertwining with one million others, who are all projecting this New Reality Transmission into our future at the same time.

For 11 minutes,......for 11 days in a row,....at 11:11 Pm EST,.....we will LOCK OUR MINDS EYE INTO THESE POWERFUL VISUALS. So as you join us,......amplify both your belief that it is actually working and increase the detail, color and the brightness of the pictures you are envisioning.

 BELIEF & VISUALIZATION are your two keys to creating within the Reality Matrix.

We NEED one million people to join in this cause,....from around the whole world.

Tell everyone you know to participate.

We really can change the world,.........and we absolutely need it right now.

Knowledge IS POWER,........I have just given you the power to help change our world as we know it,........don't you want to help the planet and all of us that dwell upon Her?

Inspiring music you can listen to as you participate in the world healing meditation.

A word of caution:
Please NEVER do any of these visuals and emotional belief thought forms with hate or negative feelings in your heart. What you project out,....will be returned to you,.....whether you understand that fact or not. It is a Universal Law,......called the Law of Attraction.

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