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The Washoe Club,.....the most haunted building in Virginia City, Nevada

The Wild Haunted West

The Washoe Club

Virginia City was formed in 1859, as a mining town and after California's gold rush fizzled out, the masses beat a path to Nevada.

Silver what they had, and many discovered their silver riches inside the dusty, dark and dangerous mines. Restaurants and saloons sprang up like wild fire as one by one, people found their treasure. However for every person who struck it rich , dozens of others found little or nothing. Even worse,...............they actually lost any prior nest egg that they had, in an effort to support their search. Yes folks,.....this was the authentic ....western "Silver Fever."

In it's heyday, over 30,000 people gathered in this agrarian area and called it home. As you can imagine the word "wild" was appropriately used to describe this place, as the rowdy gun carrying men, worked, drank and paid little, if any attention to the laws.

Enter the Washoe Club,......built in the 1870's, it was originally called "The Millionaires Club". It was created for the lucky few to gather in style, away from the rowdiness of the angry unfortunates, who had yet to find any wealth.

Currently located at 112 SC Street, Virginia City , Nevada,....the Washoe has a very intriguing past, to say the least. Inside the front doors of the structure, (which looks like it could have come out of any Western movie), was a large and lively saloon. A spiral stairway led the gentlemen to the ladies of the night and the pleasures that awaited them in the private suites, where they plied their trade. As you stepped off of the stairway, onto the second floor, you found a gaming hall for pool and poker, as well as a ballroom and several suites of pleasure.

Human emotion scaled every extreme inside the Washoe and violence was a matter of fact.

Booze, love and gaming were not all that the club contained inside of it's walls, also housed the dead in the winter months. The corpses would be stacked and stored until spring when the defrosted ground could be used for burial.

Many ghosts still call the Washoe home but three stand out more then any other.

They are,..............

* The lady in blue--A beautiful blond woman, in a lovely blue dress, who was murdered on the third floor, while working as a paid lover. The stunning lady,.... has been nicknamed "Lena." The man responsible for her demise, then walked to the second floor and proceeded to take his own life.

*The young female child-- A timid , frightened little girl's ghost is supposedly that of a child who was heinously executed, in the basement of the building. It is assumed that this little youngster, was the offspring, of one of the many "soiled doves" that worked at the club.

*The old gruff prospector--This ghost looks exactly as described and has shown himself many times to onlookers. The prospector is said to filch drinks from customers and is the one folks blame for the tricks that are played out in the club. The pranks that have been reported include, stools being thrown, getting kicked, the ladies room door getting locked and unlocked.

The Ghost Adventures Crew ....returned to the historical and very haunted Virginia City, because other paranormal investigators were catching spirit voices actually calling out the names of Zak and Nick! The ghostly communication played by Debbie and Mark Constantino, include...."Hate Nick!" ....."Nick Groff."........"Zak,...look out!" This prompted the crew to return and shot a lock down episode at the Washoe. It had been 5 years since the men had visited the club, where an amazing amount of activity took place and a full spirit figure was seen striding across the ballroom floor. This was the very first video evidence of a ghost, caught by the Ghost Adventures Crew!

Within minutes of entering the building, a male voice is clearly heard, by the G.A. Crew, without the assistance of equipment.

Other activity that takes place is,.......................

*An object gets thrown at Arron.

*Cigar smoke is strongly smelled in certain areas.

*Using a voice box, that generates it's own white noise, the crew hear,......."Help!"......."Help,....listen".............."Trouble". (The spirit voices are heard in real time.)

*Nick is sent to the ballroom by himself,.....where he experiences all sorts of extreme emotions!

*At 3AM,...... EVP specialists(Mark and Debbie Constantino), arrive at the club for one hour only. What follows, is the very best, real time communication, between the living and the dead, that I have ever heard!

Here are some of the spirit communications that were caught,........

-"It was me."---This is said when the hair on Zak's arms raised up and he asks, "Did you just step up here?"

-"We're NOT scared of them."---This is said when Mark asks, " What are your thoughts about Nick, Arron and Zak coming back here?"

-"Better not."---This is said when Debbie asks, "How many of you ....are here?"

-"Yeah."---This is said when Zak asks," Did you follow Nick home to scare him?"

-"Nick,....GO HOME!"---This is said in a firm and very enunciated way, as an orb shoots out of Nick's neck, on camera.

-"I hate Nick!"---This is said when Mark asks, "Who is your message for?"

-"It's only me."---This is said when Debbie asks, "Who is draining Arron's energy?"

-"Groff"---This is said when Nick says,...."Yell his name if you want him out of here." (Groff is Nick's last name.) Zak gets his shirt pulled at the same time.

Special note---We love Mark and Debbie! They are polite, well mannered professionals who are able to capture and discern amazing spirit communication. Please have them as guests, more often.

Today, only about 1,000 residents populate the once electric western town.

The Washoe Club is said to be the most haunted building in Virginia City!

For information on ghost tours all over Virginia City, as well as whatever may be happening at the Washoe Club, go to....

Here is a video where you can hear the ghost voices that lured the Ghost Adventures Crew back to Virginia City. Also, in this clip you can see the spirit figure walk across the ballroom floor!

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