Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remington Arms

When you think of guns, you think of war,.........murder?

Well then, what do you think of the place that creates these instruments of death?................................

Do you think the place would become cursed ground, for creating the very agent that would end so many lives here on earth?

Read on to hear all about the factory known as,.......
The Remington Arms.

In 1867, the Union Metallic Cartridge Company opened up the Bridgeport,
Connecticut munitions facility. A hulking industrial type of structure, where accidents were common place and the employees steadily cranked out products used for murder and war.

In the year 1912, Remington merged with the successful Union Metallic, becoming Remington UMC. Then in 1915, the company expanded to encompass 73 acres and become one of the largest munitions factories in the world , employing well over 17,000 people. Due to the sheer size and the incredible amount of workmen laboring there every day, they were able to produce an average of 10,000 weapons daily. The immense buildings had a spooky underground system, filled with secret passages, meandering tunnels and a subterranean firing range.

With the colossal volume of death products generated at this location, people began to think of it as being cursed, as the body count grew ever higher with the accidents and fatalities that took place in the complex. The company's emphasis was always in a state of rush, with little or no regard for the safety of the workers. For the most part, the workmen were considered disposable and replaceable.

Some of the many dreadful events that took place are recounted for you here.

On April, 4th ,1905......three men were blown to fragments, when an entire building detonated! Can you imagine an entire building blowing up, and how devastating and upsetting, that must have been for the entire community?

Another scarring episode took place in 1914........when 100 men went on strike to challenge their work conditions and pay. The company with it's immense wealth, used it's husky security force and also gained the help of the local police department to quell the men who were protesting.
Lethal force was used, to bring the demonstrating to a halt. One man, who was more of a mere boy, at just 18 years old, was bludgeoned to death right there on the property. The name of this poor unfortunate was Frank Monte.

On March 29th, 1942 another massive blast rocked the complex. Seven workers were instantly killed and another 80 were severely injured. Due to the immense importance of the factory in the war, sabotage was immediately suspected as the cause for the incident. Spies were common place in the work force and actual US soldiers were used to steadily patrol the property and the cluster of buildings located on it.

In 1986 the gargantuan of a structure was closed down and proceeded to fall into a state of disrepair and ruin. Located at 812 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut.......the entire area has fallen into a state of absolute blight. The neighborhood has become a magnet for drug dealers, gangs and criminals of opportunity.................... and the Remington Arms has become a haven for the homeless. The lost souls of the living have made a refuge in the dark corners of the atrophied structure....................... but it is the souls of the dead, whom keep the lost living souls company, .......that really causes your hair stand on end!

The people in the region began to whisper about the abandoned complex and the shadows that could be seen walking the property and lurking in the windows. Icy fingers chill your blood when you hear haunting screams in the nightly air. These eerie screams bring about a frightening wonder, there a crime horrendously occurring in the darkness,....... or are the screams the voices of the deceased but misery filled spirits, that still wander the property?

The Ghost Adventures crew, recently shot a lock down episode at the very dangerous and extremely haunted Remington Arms. In order to proceed with a relatively safe investigation, the police had to be called in to do a formal sweep of the entire area. While touring the grounds and interviewing various people associated with the property, Zak is told of the many times the police have reported seeing shadow people and hearing spirit voices while out patrolling the Remington Arms.

Inside the desolate building, while marking out the hot spots for camera location for use in the investigation, Zak is shown a work area, where the heating pots were used to hold bubbling, hot, molten metal. It was at this location, where several employees tragically fell inside the cooking pots, their bodies instantly and excruciatingly melted into liquid.

(My mind doesn't even want to imagine the horror of such an agonizing death.)

Some of the lore and legend told to Zak and the crew include the graveyard which located across the street from the Remington. The legend relayed to them, is about a woman who was BURIED ALIVE, ........which may explain why the crew, got numerous female voices on their EVP recordings, later on in their investigation.

In this investigation, the crew learn about using "trigger objects", from a man known as the Godfather of the Paranormal. It is commonly believed, that on occasion energy will actually attach itself to certain objects. The Godfather, ( John Zaffis)... tells them to take the "trigger object" and place it on the hot spots pointed out in orientation. The names of the spirits, suspected of being in the area, should then be called out. If all goes well, the "trigger object" should magnetically attract spirit activity.

The Happenings that took place during the investigation...............................................................

*Electrical charge felt by the investigators, when the hair raised up on all of their arms.
*Batteries drained out on the equipment.
*The sound of their equipment being moved.
*Talking by numerous spirits, though indeterminable as to what was said, it could be heard without the use of equipment.
*A very loud gunshot sound, followed by an agony filled scream. This along with other screams throughout the night could be heard clearly, without the enhancement of recording equipment.

Spirit voices caught on tape.......................................


* "Me!"............................This was said when Zak asks, "Were you killed in an accident here?"

* "Not so hard." (Female voice.).........This is said when Zak asks, "Are you the woman from the cemetery?"

* "Yes",....followed by softly crying...........This is heard when Zak asks, "Are you trying to tell us something?"

* " I like it!"...........................This is said right after an investigator says, "Somethings behind you."

Want to hear some REAL spirit voices?

The Ghost Adventures crew caught a female spirit voice, (while at the Remington Arms)several times, on the digital recorder.

Click the following link to hear her speak,......................CHILLING!

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