Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Times You Are In Right Now,....The Birth

The Birth of a New Reality

Located in, on and around the planet are Star Beings, Starseeds, psychics and intuitives who are awake to what is occurring in our current time line,....... and they wish to share some instrumental information with you.

Our earth is at this moment in a process called 'The Unwinding.'

What is that,..... you say?

This is the occurrence that takes place, when a planet is on the path of ascension. The spiraling time lines of our known existence, start to unravel,....causing a pulling away. You may think things in your life and on our world are the same as usual,.....however they are NOT. Those who are more spiritually sensitive, are well aware of the progressing shift.

 Vibrationally,.....everything is different.

Our frequencies,.....are being elevated,....resulting in the vibratory patterns being accelerated.

You must raise your own personal vibrations, order to absorb the expanded light which is being sent to the planet, at this very moment.

This light will transform what is old,....into the new frequencies of love and harmony. Open your eyes again today (with this knowledge) and what do you see?

What do you feel?

Notice when people say, " I feel something different,....but I don't know what it is." These people are usually more psychically sensitive and they are noticing the subtle energetic changes, before the majority of the populous. I am sure you know some of these people. They are usually light workers (although many do not even realise they are) and they are the most relied on by the planet, as they absorb the force field changes, and reflect them back out into our world. The earth has requested this raise in frequencies,...and she will go through many more physical changes along the way to the,... NEW.

Because there is so much diversity and abundance of precious life upon our planet,...the process is more difficult. The numerous levels of consciousness living upon the planet, are riddled with people who are rooted into various religious belief systems. For the religions who are teaching people to be on a path of LOVE FIRST AND FOREMOST,....followed by TRUTH, EQUALITY, FREEDOM, HARMONY, and oneness, will be a much easier transition. For the belief systems who teach division, inequality, hate, discord, fear of your God or of your Idol, will have a much harder time with this shift,...for those thought processes are all low vibrations of separation.

 Spiritually evolved groups of people can be found  all over the planet who are very connected to Mother Earth,.....and the oneness of the human family upon our planetary home. Other cultural groups are further behind as their thoughts dwell in xenophobic attitudes and deep imbalances,..... even amongst their own community members. By the end of the shift, ALL will have a new respect for life,.....and a re-balancing of love for our earthly home.

The Star Beings are in great anticipation of the time when we are together. They are watching this process closely,...and the day draws nearer for our reacquainting with one another. We will learn much from them,....and they from us. The ones who DNA, we share,......who mean our most high spiritually,...consider us their FAMILY,.... and this has been a long planned out reunion.

Many are on the earth RIGHT NOW. You may have passed one on the street,...and didn't even know it. They are here from many star systems, and they are here to assist us in this complex ascension process.

The Starseeds (those people who spirits have incarnated here from other planetary systems) are well aware of them,.....others who are not energetically aware yet,....are noticing the physical ships and the vibratory ships of light, showing themselves in greater numbers in our skies. Even those who have long been in denial,....can not deny the tremendous increase in starship activity.

Go outside and look up. Take you video phone or recorder and be ready to share your discovery with the planet. Your space family from the higher realms is indeed here.

For those who have access to night vision goggles, can see quite a show, the dark forces who are in league with shadow governments, try to prevent our space family from assisting in our development.

 You see,....darkness can NOT dwell where there is light.

The FEEL of it all.

If you haven't already, will start to feel it.

Open yourself up to the higher frequencies, breathing in deeply,....while in a peaceful or meditative state. Imagine these frequencies being downloaded into your being and feel the NEW. Do not go against the flow, by resisting these energies, will cause you emotional turbulence,..... and a very bumpy ride.

The times we are experiencing at this very moment,....are causing emotional commotion for many on our precious earth. Your life, your world, your reality is changing daily. You are learning long hidden truths, and realize that what you thought to be safe, secure and predictable,... is in fact questionable at best.

What can you do to survive the energetic alters headed your way?

It is important to just go with the stream of energy as it rolls into our existence. The energies that are being sent to our reality are accelerating in every single moment. To explain it in the most simplest of terms,.......Things are speeding up.

Do you feel the changes?

How are emotions in your household?

Look around you. I mean really look around you with a keen eye. You will see many people having a hard time emotively,....and it is resulting in outrageous news stories,......shocking events,.....extreme swings in mood, our human experience tries to adjust to this change.

You MUST be able to ride the advancing dynamic tides,....because they are only going to get faster as we move through this VERY RARE time in human evolution,..... together.

This is why it is so incredibly important to take time each and every day to commune with nature and peacefully go inside of yourself. That quiet, peaceful centering of your being helps to calm and ground you to the earth, who HERSELF is sending energies up and out into our reality.

Remember we are all in this together. You agreed to come here at this time,..... and we are a soul family on this planet.

Be at peace and embrace the energy flow. The changes will result in heightened perceptions and senses for all life upon the planet. (You are modifying in your being as I write.)

We are co-creating our new reality together. The tremendous power of love that you send out to the universe, to create the energetic force field of harmonic oneness, is your safety line. This is what will hold you safe through the confusion swirling about you,.... and see you through to the other side of it all.
Remember the positive, focused, loving meditations are being done by people around the planet at,......
6 AM
12 PM
6 PM
12 AM Eastern standard time.
Your spirit has waited many millennium to get to this point. Being on the right path, has never been more important!

Remember what you know to be true and do not allow negative energetic forces to manipulate you away from truth,.....oneness,....and riding with the new energy flow.

Balance yourself daily and steer clear of fear by,.....

* Meditating.
* Going outside for a quite walk and taking in the beauty, that is all around you.
* Holding hands with loved ones in prayerful gratitude for all that is.
* Sitting in peace (maybe with a scented candle lit) while doing beautiful visualizations.

Whatever works best for you to bring yourself tranquility, and center your being, because this will enable you to shift much easier as time moves ever faster onward.

Are you feeling dizzy?

These new rapidly moving energies can cause numerous feelings such as,.....

* Feelings of vertigo
* Exhaustion
* Difficulty in focusing your thoughts
* Feelings of frustration
* Moodiness
* Difficulty in focusing your vision
* Feeling anxious
* The feeling of being out of breath

When you ground yourself,....and center yourself, must surrender to these new energies. This will help you move with more ease as the time moves on. Going along with the new energy change is the easiest way to navigate through them.

 Ride the new wave wrapping around our earth, for you are in a time very seldom seen and experienced. However,... if you are having trouble and you find you need assistance getting through this time, call upon one of the many ascended masters of the higher realms,....or ask your own higher spirit for help. You can call on this divine intervention at any time, and it will definitely come to you.

You see, your guides,....your higher self,.....and the ascended masters,....are all waiting to hear your requests for assistance.They are there,..... and waiting just for you.

Remember to love yourself. I know, I keep asking you to send energies of love to the earth,...around the earth in a lighted force field,....out to the entirety of humanity,....out to our dear animal kingdom,....but you must NOT forget yourself.

Do not be hard on yourself, for we are all learning as we go. Love and forgive yourself as we would another, then move on. Treat yourself gently, and know how important you are to the change of the new earth. You are here for a reason, are reading this for a reason, are so important in these times right now, that I do not know how to properly verbalize it, to make you understand this magnitude.

You are a spirit having a human experience at a time when a new reality is about to be born! It is attracting beings from across the universe,... to watch us wield our free will like a mighty light sword,...while we call forth love, peace, truth, freedom, equality and harmony into our earthly home.

The dark forces are immensely aware of how important this time is. You are being attacked from every direction,......your water, .....your food,.....your air,......redirection of your thoughts into fear,......survival,...etc. These collusive forces know NO bounds in their desire for control and the fulfilling of a dark agenda. They will continue to navigate your thoughts from one crisis into another crisis,....always putting you into a state of panic for your survival.

Have NO FEAR,....for you are ETERNAL.

Keep things simple. Continue to center yourself daily and don't lose focus of what we are creating together. 

Things to come

All governments, institutions, and nations that are not currently operating with integrity on behalf of their people,..... will be on a path of dissolution, until the year 2023-2024. The natural law will begin to be restored, the false premises of operation which hurt and restricted,.... instead of helping and protecting the people of the world, disintegrate and fall away.

The next ten years will show a revealing of deeply buried truths,...that will have an astronomical effect upon the populous of the planet, as they realise how deceived and manipulated they were.

After the old corrupt systems have been dismantled,...the new systems of governance will be flexible and harmonious,...... with all governing bodies around the globe.

Try to remain calm and brace your self for what is to come,...such as,..........

*We should prepare ourselves for a continuing of the financial decline. (Massive stock market changes coming in October of 2012.)

*A crumbling of the old establishment.

*Restructuring of our education systems.

*Earth changes going hand in hand with climate changes.

*A division of people everywhere into like minded groups. (As their are many levels of spiritual conscienceness and mental knowing,...... things get a little complicated. Many people still have no idea that humans are not alone in the universe or that  much of our education is incorrect and our history as humans on the planet is completely different than what we have been told. Many of these people will resist learning the genuine truth of the universe, as they will have a hard time accepting that they were deceived. They will gravitate towards others who do not want to stray from the stories they believe to be true. Inevitably they will come around,... but it will take them longer.)

The groups will consist of the ones who are awake to the coming changes and are understanding the times we are in and ones who aren't. Many of the awakened ones are already beginning to work together in tribes,....moving back into small communities. There will also be entire states that will work together very well on behalf of the people within them. These particular states will move to restore their power and protect their populous, from what those with integrity see as clear corruption. These groups will put the health and safety of the people above anything else.

 The other small fractures of people around the planet will spend their time in a resistive mode, unwilling to accept the new reality,....or the truths that have been denied for so long. Their desire to return to the old way of thinking will have them with their heads firmly planted in the sand,....and having an extremely difficult time with it all. They will feel like they do not know who to trust any longer,....where to turn,...... and that their life is over.
It is not. It may take these groups longer to come around,....but you can't resist the great energy flow for long,...... before being swept away by the tide.

All of the changes you have witnessed so far,.......are just the beginning.

What else should we expect?

Well,.. the next four years will show us many things such as,.....

* You will see freedoms restored in the face of adversity.

* Indigo revolution of social change,....changing darkness into enlightenment.

* Massive soul awakening around the earth. ( We are a family.)

* Tremendous acceleration of energy.

* A destruction of the commercial contract between the sovereign being and the Corporation.

* A destruction of the societal contract between the sovereign being and the State.

* THE EVENT,...which will create chaos, shatter cities,..and see the installation of martial law. (It will forever be known as the Event around the world.)

* Multiple regimes,....with international control,....will go in and out of states.

* Military will march upon lands,...all under the SAME FLAG.

* Loud booming noise, speaking with authority, will make pronouncements of safety to the people.

* Reaction to the great thunder in the sky.

* The revealing of the GREAT DECEPTION.

* The EVENT that changes the world results in global mobilization.

* Awakened ones will assist others with their transformation.

* The higher path of reverence FOR ALL LIFE begins to unfold everywhere.

* Corporate criminals become dismantled.

* New world sciences start to be revealed.

* As the legislative, judicial and political systems have been quietly redesigned to benefit the few, the internationalized, militarized, corporate police,..... launch war on the battleground of the Internet. The Indigo's (star seeds) step forward to stop the onslaught.

* The Indigo's and Light Workers bring world attention to the mass media deceptions.

* The human conditions of health, and the outrageous inequities on our world, begin the process of redress.

* Mass amounts of emotional trauma will be seen, as many are unable to deal with the presence of pure evil amongst their own ranks,...plotting and meaning the masses harm. They go into deep stages of denial, depression, and are unable to achieve spiritual healing, as they launch into a regressive state.

* The Portal Opens.

* Soul knowledge is revealed in truth, and the genuine ancestry of humanity is put forth.
( Each race has been carefully brought forth through, 'Genetic Intelligent Breeding.')

* A restructuring of Planetary organization.

Please do your own searching for truth and use your intuition to arrive at what your being needs understand, to navigate through the perplexities that lay ahead.

Keep you head held high, eyes wide open, look around and ask plenty of questions. There is so much more to this world than what you see!

Remember we are in this together and YOU are my family here on earth.

I am sending you all my love.♥

 Be peace and keep your heart focused on LOVE.

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